2 – Day Tour in the South of Vietnam, Which is the Best one?

A 2-day tour is a great choice for you when you decide to visit tourist areas in the South of Viet Nam. During two days, you can visit the best highlights in the area. Mekong smile tour will help you to choose the most interesting and typical sites.

We guarantee that the following 2-day tours will interest you the most.

Soc Trang – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau tour (2-day tour)

Visiting Soc Trang – Bac Lieu in the first day

During the first day, we will take you to 3 most typical pagodas in Soc Trang province. Those represent the southern culture with different ethnic groups living together such as Kinh, Knmer, Chinese, Cham, ect… That is cultural mixing which was established since very long time ago.

Bat Pagoda, or Mahatup pagoda, was constructed with mixing architecture between Vietnamese and Cambodian. Many sophisticated pictures in the sanctum tell you about Buddha’s life. The precinct is wide and surrounded by many luxuriant trees. It attracts many huge horse bats come and live in this pagoda. This kind of bat only eats fruits, don’t worry!

Dat Set Pagoda (Clay Pagoda) is an original pagoda with more than a thousand clay statues inside. Besides many Buddha’s statues and some arhats, Bat pagoda also has many animal’s clay statues. Moreover, there are 8 huge candles, each of  which is made of about 200 kilograms of wax, they are estimated to burn in 70-80 years.

Chen Kieu Pagoda (Pagoda which is made of terracotta bowl) is one of the biggest pagodas in Soc Trang. During fixing time, the pagoda asked citizens to collect all kind of terracotta bowls, then used it to cover old architecture to make the pagoda different. With its own sanctity and special architecture, Chen Kieu Pagoda always attracts the visiting of many tourists from lot of different places.

The next destination is Bac Lieu which was home town of many southern landowners, especially “Cong Tu Bac Lieu”_ who was one of the richest persons in Bac Lieu as well as in Viet Nam at that time. When you come to Bac Lieu you will have a chance to visit his house where many of his interesting stories will be retold thoroughly.  Besides, you will see unique architecture of “Cong Tu Bac Lieu”‘s house which was estimated worth more than 40 billion vnd.

Afterward, we will take you to Poland in Viet Nam with hundreds of huge windmills which provide electricity by wind power. Absolutely, you will have many great photos there.

Wind farm in Bac Lieu province

The second day – explore Ca Mau (a mysterious area).

Ca Mau is the end area of Viet Nam. It has various minerals and multiform ecosystem of mangrove swamp. When you go there you will have a chance to visit mangrove forest by canoe, go through residential areas and forests to reach the southern pole of Viet Nam and see the prow which is the symbol of Ca Mau. Moreover, you also have great experiment about tasting many Mekong delta special dishes or famous Ca Mau shrimp dishes.

Road in a forest in Ca Mau

Chau Doc – An Giang tour (2-day southern tour)

Ba Chua Xu temple

Ba Chua Xu temple is famous with its own sanctity (what you pray will come true). It has architecture of Ly periods and Indian culture, so it can attract millions of tourists each year.

Architecture of Ba Chua Xu Temple

Tra Su forest

Besides, you will go for sightseeing a very nice Tra Su cajuput forest in the water with green duckweed covering the surface of water and have an experiment to travel by Tac Rang – a kind of motor boat. On the way to Tra Su forest is a various ecosystem with rare animal like bird, egret, etc,. Sometimes, Tac Rang driver will be a tour guide and show you bird’s house and egret finding food in some places.

Visiting Tra Su cajuput forest: In the center of the forest, you can see the whole forest in the 5 floor watchtower from 14 meter height. The tower also offers a binocular for seeing the sight form a far distance. You can try an interesting feeling to enjoy specific southern food in Tra Su forest. Some dishes that you will crave for whenever someone reminds its name such as “linh fish and điên điển flower” sour soup, grilled chicken with honey, “cá lóc nướng trui”- grill “cá lóc”- a name of fresh water fish, in straw without any preliminary treatments.

Rowing boat in the middle of Tra Su forest

Before coming back we will stop over at Tinh Bien wholesale market, you can go shopping there freely and buy some things as a souvernir for your friends or relatives.

Cần Thơ Tour (2 days South-western Tour)

Can Tho is a young city with many modern specific characteristics but there are many countryside areas which insert into the city and is very exciting to explore. We will take you to the most typical areas there. You should look over these following interesting tours

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market is a wholesale market  on the water which is very famous in Viet Nam. It is a specific culture which represents  life on the boat of southern people that remain in this modern life. When you get there you will travel around the floating market by boat to see the way local people live and  sell their produce.

Cai Rang floating market

There are a lot of boats that transform farm produces from big ships to markets  on the land. You can stop to buy some things or try some fresh fruits on the boat. Besides, eating vermicelli on the boat is also an exciting experiment for you.

Binh Thuy ancient house

Binh Thuy ancient house is one of 3 most typical ancient houses in Mekong delta of Viet Nam. Tourists come there to see Vietnamese culture and the way people in Mekong delta do daily activities in the past. This house used to be a film studio of many famous film like The Lover (1992), Nguoi dep Tay Do, etc…

Binh Thuy ancient house

It was constructed into Eastern traditional architecture integrated with Western modern architecture in the nineteenth century. Some huge rockeries are in the front of the house to hide the vision from outside. Furniture inside the house was almost wooden or made of something very rare, the floor was tiled with the most valuable kind of brick at that time. When you get into the house you will feel very comfortable, it doesn’t have an air conditioner but the air will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Son Islet

Con Islet is a small island in Hau river. People there have a traditional job of feeding fish in the river and fruit gardening. You can visit the cages – where they feed fish , with many kinds of fish such as catfish,which is used for export, and  some kinds of rare fish like Koi fish. The amount of fish in all of the cages can reach thousands of each kind. If you have a chance to attend feeding time, you will know how interesting it is.

The orchard is always a typical thing in countryside. Con Son has various kinds of fruit such as guava, jack-fruit, grapefruit, orange, etc… Each  season will give different kinds of fruit so you will be guided to different orchard in different season.

A typical shaded village road on Son Islet

You will be very surprised to see flying snakehead. Thousands of snakehead were trained specially to fly out of water when someone gives them something to eat. Moreover, you will experience how to make Vietnamese traditional cake with local people and try some more other cake which is made by people there such as banh bo, banh da lon, banh duc, etc,…

Côn Đảo Tour (2-day South-Western Tour)

Con Dao is archipelago with 14 small islands which belong to Ba Ria Vung Tau province, but it has a port near Soc Trang province which is about 2 hours of boat driving. Con Dao has many wide beaches which have been exploited recently. When you get there, you can discover the beach with wide forest and cliff. Especially, Con Dao also offers Scuba diving service for seeing cuphorbia in the bottom of the ocean, it is always evaluated as the greatest activity there.

Explore Con Dao island

Besides, discovering the prison which used to be the most secret in the world is also an interesting experience. Finding out real evidences in the war helps us to know more about the historic and peace value.  Moreover, visiting tomb of martyrs and Ms. Vo Thi Sau is always a spiritual activity that is interested by many people.

Nam Du Island Tour in 2 days (2-day South-Western Tour)

Nam Du is one of the most beautiful islands in Viet Nam. It is considered the precious stone of the South-Western. First of all, when mentioning Nam Du, we think of many nice beaches immediately. In calm sea months, you can even see the line of cuphorbia and fish in the bottom of the sea. You will be very excited with what you see. Besides, squid fishing offshore in South China Sea at night is a new experience in Nam Du. It is really interesting to catch a huge fish or squid by yourself and enjoy it in your meal.

The beauty of Nam Du island

Chau Doc – Dong Thap Tour (2-day South-Western Tour)

Besides visiting Chau Doc with the destination at Ba Chua Xu temple and Tra Su cajuput forest, you also can visit Dong Thap  which is considered a place of flower in the south of Viet Nam, it is also famous with Xeo Quyt historical monument. A district in Dong Thap named Sa Dec is known as a a hundred year-old flower village where more than a thousand different kind of flower are grown. Recently, Sa Dec attracts many tourists by its own beauty and some other traditional games, Sa Dec gradually becomes a new exciting destination for young people.

Boating in Xeo Quyt swampland

On the other hand, if you want to find a quiet place with fresh air and wide sight, Xeo Quyt is the best suggestion for you. Xeo Quyt is a very big historical monument. You can walk in a primeval forest for sightseeing or go around by boat. If you know how to drive a boat, you can drive it by yourself. If you can’t, someone will drive you. After that, you will have a chance to enjoy a meal with all traditional southwestern dishes.

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