About Mekong Smile Tour

We were born and grew up in the Mekong Delta. Our hometown has beautiful floating markets, fruit gardens, canals, rivers, coconut water, traditional villages, Tra Su wildlife forest. We love all.

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The people in our hometown is gentle. They are always cheerful, smiling even if life is still difficult. We want to bring all to visitors all over the world … let us accompany you on the journey to explore the country land and the hospitality of the local people in Mekong Delta

A visit to the Mekong Delta would be so memorable because of the region’s diversity and landscapes as well as its activities. If you know how to take your time, or are guided by a local guide to typical provinces where Vietnam’s mass tourism machine has not yet taken control, then you will have chances to enjoy the fully smile of local people. We offer tours by small boats, bicycles, motorbikes, tours explore the wilderness. That is where the Company name comes from – a true smile of local people through your trips.