Hu Tieu Sau Hoai – Traditional Rice Noodle Factory

Hủ Tiếu Sáu Hoài factory is one of the most popular attractions in Can Tho. Located near Cai Rang floating market, the factory still maintains the traditional way of making hủ tiếu, or traditional rice noodle of the South Vietnam. In addition to the chance of seeing how homemade hủ tiếu is produced, you can try a special Pizza hủ tiếu and enjoy the fresh air in the South of Vietnam.

Hủ tiếu (Rice noodle)

Made from rice and shaped into long and thin threads, hủ tiếu is much different from other kinds of noodles in the transparency and gelatinous texture. It’s one of the most essential ingredients of typical meals in the South of Vietnam.

How hủ tiếu is made

Like many other Asian foods, the main ingredient of hủ tiếu is rice. After choosing the proper kind of rice, the producer will soak it in water for a certain time, wash it, grind and mix it with water. Then they add tapioca starch to the mixture and stir it. The mixture of water, grinded rice and tapioca starch is the basic for all kinds of hủ tiếu.

The producer make variations of hủ tiếu like hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho, hủ tiếu Nam Vang, hủ tiếu Sa Đéc, hủ tiếu bột lọc… with addition of secret ingredients. After that, the liquid mixture will be spread on a flat surface and steamed for about a minute, which will be looked like a rounded white paper of rice. The white paper then will be dried under sunshine for 3 – 4 hours before being cut into small threads, hủ tiếu. Nowadays, with industrial lines of production, hủ tiếu is produced much different than the way it used to be made before. Seeing how hủ tiếu is made in traditional way is a real authentic experience for anyone who would like to explore the origin of the popular food in the South of Vietnam.

One of the steps of making Hủ tiếu

Where to find hủ tiếu traditional factory

Although industry has spread the Mekong Delta and has changed the way hủ tiếu is produced, there are some places where people still make hủ tiếu in traditional way. In Can Tho, riding a bit out of the city center, along the small canals and deep into the narrow village paths, we can find some families who keep tradition of making hủ tiếu in like the way their ancestors did. Hủ tiếu Sáu Hoài is among the most famous families who still run their hủ tiếu producing  tradition while opening to visitors.

A traditional Hủ tiếu factory

Traditional Hủ tiếu Sáu Hoài

Living by the side of a small canal, this family has a long tradition of producing hủ tiếu for some generations. Coming to this hủ tiếu factory, we can see steps of making hủ tiếu in old-style way, from the process of making rice paper, drying, cutting into hủ tiếu. In addition, by adding natural ingredients like Gac fruit, pandan leaf… the owner offers hủ tiếu in other colors of red or green.

The family also offer food made from hủ tiếu by cooking with other things, like hủ tiếu xương (hủ tiếu hot soup with pork), hủ tiếu mì (hủ tiếu hot soup with ramen), hủ tiếu hải sản (hủ tiếu hot soup with seafood) and especially pizza hủ tiếu (fried hủ tiếu topped with peanuts, fried egg, shredded pork…). Having the hot hủ tiếu by the peaceful and fresh air by the side of the garden is also a pleasant experience for visitors coming to Sáu Hoài family.

There is also a garden of some fruits and monkey bridge for those who want to get the atmosphere of the Mekong and some local challenge. Attracting many tourists, the family also offer some souvenirs for people who want some gifts from the Mekong Delta.

Drying hủ tiếu under sunshine

The unique pizza rice noodle.

There is also a special dish here. It’s a famous rice noodle pizza. The crispy fried rice noodle food is like a pizza of Italia with Vietnamese soul. The condensed cake consists of egg pieces, peanut, meat and vegetables…

Moreover, they also sell extremely delicious rice noodles with pork for those who do want to try traditional dishes. The bowl of noodles made from fiber cake is produced at home, delicious soup and big bones.

Price: 50.000VND/ dish.

The unique Pizza hủ tiếu

Homestay at the noodle factory

Sau Hoai family also offer some rooms for visitors who want to spend some nights in the countryside in the South of Vietnam. The accomodation is quite basic but the price is also very affordable with surrounding of a typical Mekong Delta fruit garden. In addition, you can learn how local people start from the early morning and all the steps that the noodle factory do to produce the hủ tiếu.

Homestay at Sau Hoai factory

How to get to Hủ tiếu Sáu Hoài factory

The factory is near the Cai Rang floating market. By water way, you can go by boat to the floating market and spend about 10 minutes to get to the factory. Otherwise you can take a taxi or xe om (motorbike taxi) from the city center, which can take around 20 minutes.

This is where Hủ tiếu Sáu Hoài factory is located Google Maps. Address: 476, 14 Lộ Vòng Cung, An Bình ward, Ninh Kiều district, Cần Thơ city.

Tours to Cai Rang floating market and Hủ tiếu Sáu Hoài factory

There are many boat tours starting from the city center. Here are some of the common tours. For more details:

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