Rice noodle factory in Can Tho – Savor crispy “noodle pizza”

Sau Hoai’s rice noodle factory is a nice destination for tourists when coming to Can Tho. It is quite near Cai Rang floating market and known as the traditional rice noodle factory. Visiting Sau Hoai rice noodle factory, you will learn how to make traditional rice noodles, eat unique crispy “rice noodle pizza” and enjoy the rural atmosphere in Can Tho city.

Rice noodle factory in Can Tho
Rice noodle factory in Can Tho

What is special in the rice noodle house?

Sau Hoai’s rice noodle house is near to Cai Rang floating market and also a wonderful place for tourists. This is a long-lasting traditional noodle factory in Can Tho. When you come here, you will learn the process of making traditional rice noodles from mixing powder, steam noodle paper, dry it and then cut it into strings of fresh colorful noodles.

Colorful rice noodle
Colorful rice noodle

Particularly, you not only see these processes but try to make traditional rice noodles with the locals here. It also has many kinds of noodles with vivid colors made from natural ingredients. The red is from Gac fruit, the green from pandan leaf, the yellow from Turmeric, and the white from rice powder.

How to make rice noodles step by step

  • First, mix 70% of rice flour and 30% of tapioca powder together with water

Rice flour for making rice noodle

  • Second, put a little bit of salt and natural color liquid (additional)
  • Steam the mixture on the surface of a pan for about 30 seconds. It looks like a rice paper


  • Roll it, take it out and put it on a “bamboo mattress”

Rice noodle factory in Can Tho, Mekong delta, Vietnam

  • Dry it in the sun for about 3-4 hours
Dry rice noodle in the sun
Dry rice noodle in the sun
  • Cut a big piece of rice noodle cake into small strings of fresh noodles
  • Pack it and deliver it to the buyers
A boy is experiencing making rice nooodle
A boy is experiencing making rice nooodle

What’s the difference between rice noodle and rice paper for spring roll?

Rice noodle cake is bigger and thicker than rice paper for spring roll. Rice noodle cake looks like plastic. We use rice noodle for soup and rice paper for a spring roll.

Fresh rice noodle
Fresh rice noodle

How to go to the noodle factory in Can Tho?

Where is the Sau Hoai rice noodle factory in Can Tho?

Sau Hoai’s rice noodle factory is about 2 km from Cai Rang floating market. You can go there by boat for about 10 minutes or 20 minutes by motorbike from the city center. Usually, after visiting Cai Rang floating market, you should visit the traditional factory of making rice noodles to learn the process of producing Western rice noodles. Take part in the steps of making rice noodles and enjoy the unique rice noodle pizza made by the locals.

Sau Hoai's rice noodle factory
Sau Hoai’s rice noodle factory

Entrance fee

  • Opening hours: 6:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M
  • Entrance fee: Free.
  • Rice noodle pizza: 50,000d
  • Noodle soup: 50.000d
  • Herbal tea: 10.000d/bottle.

Unique hu tieu pizza dishes

It is especially famous for the Hu Tieu Pizza. The dish is like an Italian pizza with Vietnamese flavor is fried rice noodles. A special dish topped with thin layers of eggs, peanuts, simmered meat, and different vegetables.

Special rice noodle pizza in Can Tho
Special rice noodle pizza in Can Tho

Besides, this place also sells extremely delicious bone noodle soup for those who do not like strange dishes. The bowl of noodles is made from home-made bread with tasty soup and a large lump of flesh and bone.

How Vietnamese make a rice noodle pizza dish

Unlike regular pizzas, the base of this pizza is made from rice noodles. The cook deep-fries noodles in a pan with hot oil quickly until they are golden. Fried rice noodles are large and round like the base of a regular pizza. However, the highlight of this dish is the crunchy crust base. Topping on the cake is also an interesting thing. Not the familiar beef, tomato sauce, or cheese that Western Vietnamese replaced with fried eggs, pork, peanut, coriander, shallot and sprinkled with aromatic coconut sauce

Fry rice noodle to make noodle pizza
Fry rice noodle to make noodle pizza

A pizza originating from the western but filling the taste of Asians. When you eat a rice noodle pizza, you will feel the aroma of cilantro and roasted peanuts. Biting on a piece of pizza and you will be addicted.

Tour to visit rice noodle factory

Hopefully, these experiences of Mekong Smile will help you to have a chance to explore the traditional rice noodle factory and enjoy the interesting Hu Tieu pizza. If you still have questions about planning your trip, please go with Mekong Smile Tour. Call the hotline right away so we can help you with the best experience here!

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Can Tho tour

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