Miracle Farm – A must go destination in Mekong Delta

Introduction about Miracle Farm

Miracle Farm is an amazing place for you to relax and chill out since it is completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. In there, the local grow a variety of vegetables and paddy rice, which promise to deliver you a peaceful place without any signs of urbanization. This land is a good choice for you because it still retains its pristine and rustic features, bearing the imprint of the ancient Southern region. And what is better than when you have the experiences of gardening at the farm.

Yellow Rice Field in The Miracle Farm

How to get to Miracle Farm?

Miracle Farm is about 12 km from the center of Can Tho City towards An Giang. You can follow the map below or contact Mekong Smile Tour to make your trip easier.


Miracle Farm map

What is the best season to come to Miracle Farm?

You can come to the farm all year round but the best season to see the beautiful yellow rice field fall within March, April, July, August, November and December. Coming to this farm in the rice harvesting days, you will certainly be immersed in the golden fields with a charming image of local farmers working in the rice field.

The best time to visit the Miracle Farm

What makes Miracle Farm attractive?

1. A Cool photogenic place

The farm attracts visitors by the immense rice fields, colorful flower and vegetable beds. With photogenic background without dead angles, you just bring your camera and shoot hundreds of fantastic photos.

photogenic place to take photos in Miracle Farm

2. Romantic dating location

It is romantic that you have a weekend date at a Miracle Farm. You can enjoy a cozy Vietnamese meal with a European-style dining table layout, fragrant rice fields and romantic sunset sky. Let’s say “cheers” together and have a romantic kiss under the sunset beams. Miracle Farm is definitely a perfect choice for couples who love tranquility and romance.

Romantic place for dating in the Miracle Farm

3. Experience working as a farmer for visitors

Many visitors are so curious about farming activities in an agricultural country like Vietnam. It is so great that they can try these activities during their visit in Mekong Delta and particularly in Miracle Farm. They can try how to grow vegetable and water rice as well as to have a chance to practice some farming activities. Joining these activities, it is absolutely that you will have great and beautiful experiences.

Farming activities for foreigners in the Miracle Farm

4. Ideal spot for a weekend picnic

What could be better than a whole family having a garden picnic at Miracle Farm. Come here, you and your family will have the opportunity to have BBQ party, even cooking shows together in a nice rustic atmosphere.


5. Teaching children good lessons about local Mekong life

The urban children will feel so excited and happy when they can escape the noise of the city at the weekend to learn about the natural world. Miracle Farm would be an ideal choice for your family to visit. You children can learn and try how to grow, water the vegetables and other farming habits to know how valuable the labor brings to the life.


Tours related to Miracle farm

Facebook of Miracle farm: https://www.facebook.com/Miraclesfarm/


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