Top Ten Famous Places In Can Tho city

Can Tho is an amazing tourist destination in Southwestern of Vietnam. It brings both typical features of water way countryside and the face of a youthful and crowded city. Join us to review top ten special tourist areas that we should not miss when visiting Can Tho.

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Ninh Kieu park

This place is a famous and enjoyable tourist area in Can Tho. You can be with your relative to walk around Ninh Kieu Park that is on Hau river bank for enjoying the charming scenery of river view here. Especially, there is catering service on cruiser. The captain will steer you around Hau River. The cruiser also is steered to near Can Tho bridge to let you experience the awesome view from Can Tho bridge.

View from Ninh Kieu quay to Can Tho Bridge

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market is a tourist area in Can Tho that is so typical about living style of people who live near the river. Cai Rang floating market welcomes millions of visitors each year. You are going to overwhelmed by bustling market scene which is full of boat floating on the water in the early morning. People sell their agriculture, food and drink on their boats. Each boat has a cây bẹo (a tall stick use for hanging what they sell). This stick will be standing on the boat to let visitor recognize the type of goods from afar.

Cai Rang floating market

You are going to be rowed on the boat to visit floating market. Experiencing eating on the boat is one of the interesting things that you should not miss. In addition, listening to the tour guide introduce waterways-culture from history of the formation to specific characteristics. So cool.

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Son Islet

Con Son is a typical ecological tourist area that Can Tho city starts to develop the last few years. Tourists will have an opportunity to walk along country lanes with a lot of trees on both roadsides and enjoy the fresh air. They also visit the orchards with lots of kinds of fruit or visit fish cages with thousand of fish there.

A group of tourists visit the Son Islet

Especially, to watch Flying Mullet Fish (a farmer in Con Son trained his fish to jump out of the water when he feed them. It makes an awesome scene when entire fish jump up) is one of the distinctive features that no place except Con Son got. You also can make some folk cakes by yourself and enjoy them. A day in countryside without smoke, dust, noises and crowds must be good for you.

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Binh Thuy ancient house

Binh Thuy ancient house is known as a spectacular architecture in Can Tho. Moreover, it is one of the three ancient houses that is still intact. The owner of this house is Mr. Duong Chan Ky – a wealthy merchant. He enjoys exploring new and strange things of Western’s trend especially in architecture field. Therefore, visitor can see a harmonious combination between two great culture in the world Western and Asia.

Binh Thuy ancient house

This house has been there more than 100 years. Binh Thuy ancient house is a film set of a lot of television films such as Nguoi Dep Tay Do, Nguoi Tinh(1992), ect.

Truc Lam Phuong Nam monastery

Truc Lam Phuong Nam monastery is one unit of Truc Lam Yen Tu religious community that is located in a lot of provinces in Vietnam. You will have a chance to see the most beautiful landscapes of Vietnam that are simulated into the small models that is not too far from Can Tho city center.

Truc Lam Phuong Nam monastery

Truc Lam Phuong Nam monastery is built in architecture of Ly Cong Uan Dynasty. Especially, materials is from ironwood and tàu brick (a traditional brick in Vietnam, in square shape and be burned in furnace) to bring a real ancient architecture of monastery.

My Khanh tourist area

Located 10 km from Can Tho city center, My Khanh is a tourist area that reconstructs the countryside of Southwestern of Vietnam in the past. Beside fish ponds and laden fruit gardens, My Khanh tourist area also rebuilds three-compartment house (a typical house of people in Southwest Vietnam). When visiting My Khanh, tourists can be know well about the culture of Southwest Vietnam.

My Khanh tourist area

Beside countryside views, My Khanh tourist area also organizes amazing games such as pig race, dog race, performing monkey to entertain visitors.

Fruit gardens of the southwest Vietnam countryside

Although Can Tho is a city under direct central rule, its distinctive feature is countryside scene like the river, ponds, tree, fields, orchards that  only Can Tho own. You will have a chance  on the boat to cross the ditch and the small river to reach the fruit gardens. Being on the boat is  the best feeling ever that you should not miss. It likes you being at peace with nature.

A group of foreign tourists crossing a “monkey bridge”

You are going to try crossing the bamboo bridge, visit the place where people make rice noodle or fruit gardens which are available in present season. You really shouldn’t miss to explore these awesome things when coming to Can Tho.

Can Tho museum

Your phone, your computer or social network can save you personalized memories but to store images, historical exhibits of the city we have to talk about museum.

Can Tho museum

Museum would be an interesting place for who enjoy exploring history, culture of a particular city. In fact, people rarely visit museum when travelling but  if thinking thoughtfully, visiting museums  will enrich your knowledge about your travelling place. It is totally good for you!

Can Tho night market

Can Tho night market is a amazing destination that you have to stop by when visiting Ninh Kieu park. It just takes 5 minutes to walk from Ninh Kieu park. You can buy everything there like souvenirs, clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc… with amazingly cheap price. After that, you can visit food streets near by the night market to taste a lot of street food there. This food area is a favorite place of youngsters and visitors and it is so famous as well.

Ninh Kieu night market

Ong pagoda

Ong pagoda is also known as Chinese pagoda. This pagoda is located on Hai Ba Trung Street opposite of Ninh Kieu Park. It has a long history and was built by Chinese people who migrated to Can Tho and other places in Vietnam hundreds of years ago. Ong pagoda is a famous pagoda for religious beliefs.

Ong pagoda

Especially, the architecture of Ong pagoda has never changed. It has  been maintained. The architecture that is preserved carefully and the history of hundreds of years will amaze you.

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