Boat Rental

Why you should rent a boat?

Travel in a region where rivers and canals are networked like in Mekong delta, it is unavoidable that you should have a boat to travel and to see the very real life of the local and other beautiful sightseeings there. Particularly for those who would like to travel by their own or in a group, renting a boat can help them to save a lot of cost, time as well as make use of the boat services to discover more exciting destinations, which are all upon their request and conditions.

Where and how to rent boat services?

There are many services provider providing private boat rental service in Can Tho and Mekong Smile Tour is one of them. Our modern and comfortable fleet, which consists wide ranges of boats, ship and other cruising vehicles, is promising to offer you nice and exciting cruises with the most affordable price.

In order to use our services to enable your Mekong trip to be meaningful, please:

  • Book boat rental service directly at our office: Chau Van Liem Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho city, or
  • Email us at: or via our website
  • Contact us directly via our hotline (Zalo, whatsapp, viber, Wechat): +84 983 704 949. We highly recommend this for your best convenience.

Why you should choose to use the services of Mekong Smile Tour?

  • Affordable price: we do not guarantee our price is the best, but we do guarantee about our services and your safety.
  • Modern fleet with wide ranges of boats, ships and other water vehicles;
  • Caring and dedicated team, drivers and services, who are always to support you in every journey;
  • Safety is our highest priority when we offer any service. Our boats are equipped fully with life vest, buoys and other essentiality in case of any emergency;
  • Insurance policy is complied with the applicable law.

Necessary information for travellers

Please be cautious and be a wise traveller to choose the guaranteed service offer by reliable agents in Can Tho, who have legal capacity and other necessary equipment for your trip. Although you have to pay a bit more, it is worth doing for your own safety.

Please choose the vehicle that is suitable with your team, your destinations or the routes. It is important to know since many kinds of boats or ships can not cruise in certain canals or rivers. Do ask for the information well before booking.

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