Motor Rental

It’s unique – it’s motorbike

You may find it bizarre when most people in Can Tho mainly using motorbikes to travel, and it is true. Not only in Vietnam but in other countries in Southeast Asia, moto bike is an indispensable means of transportation. Jumping on a motor and hear the engine roars, it will bring you a unique sense. This sense will be even more signified when you are riding across a golden rice field in Mekong. Here in Mekong Smile, we call that feeling ‘the touch of Mekong’.

Moto bike rental – A services of Mekong Smile Tour

With a hope to bring to the international traveller the sense of ‘the touch of Mekong’, we offer the motor bike rental services which consists of all popular kinds of motors available in the local market. Depend on your journey, our staff are more than happy to consult you the most suitable kind of motor to travel.

Our motor bikes are offered with high commitment on the fuel consumption, the movability of the engine, and other high industrial standards. All are promised to serve you an incredible trip in Can Tho.

About the Price?

Just call, depending on the availability of the vehicles, we will let you know the price. No worries, it is affordable and incredibly cheap and you can pay after using our services. It is all up to you.

Where you can rent a motor bike?

All you have to do to have a motor are:

  • Book a service directly at our office: Chau Van Liem Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho city, or
  • Email us at: or via our website
  • Contact us directly via our hotline (Zalo, whatsapp, viber, Wechat): +84 983 704 949. We highly recommend this for your best convenience.

Important reminders

  • Wearing helmet, always.
  • Wearing mask too, it is important
  • Sun cream, if your skin is sensitive
  • Take your ID and show your driving license. The local police may ask you accidentally.
  • And finally, riding safe.

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