General Information of Ninh Kieu Wharf

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night

History: Ninh Kieu wharf is located on the right side where the middle of the junction with Hau river and Can Tho city. In the past, Ninh Kieu wharf was built with the purpose to prevent waves and become a pier where six provinces’ business exchanges happened. At that time, residents called this place with a simple name “Hang Duong” wharf because of the pine tree rows along the river banks. Until 1958, the Government changed this place with a new name familiarised to any tourist, “Ninh Kieu” wharf. Nowadays, Ninh Kieu becomes a symbol of Can Tho city, where the historic and modern beauty comes together, attracting both residents and tourists. 

Location: Ninh Kieu Wharf adjoins Hai Bai Trung street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

The best time to visit: 

Whenever you want! With the weather favored by nature, Can Tho city is always ready to welcome any visitors. Tourists can drop in any main season of Can Tho: dry or rainy season because each season has its feature activities to explore and enjoy. 

What to do around Ninh Kieu wharf

Ninh Kieu wharf can be considered the most remarkable place that brings different experiences to tourists during the day. 

What to do in the morning?

Coming to Ninh Kieu wharf in the mornings, tourists can feel the peace and warmth with images such as residents doing exercises together, and seeing the sun rising slowly from the horizontal line. Besides, tourists have a chance to experience activities or places only available in the mornings. 

Doing exercises with local people and seeing the sunrise

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Sunrise moment on the Ninh Kieu wharf, Can Tho city

Ninh Kieu quay is built as a green park with a lot of trees and flowers surrounding it. In the early morning, tourists can see many local inhabitants doing exercises together, then can freely join in and have a chat with them. More special, from Ninh Kieu wharf when the first sunshine of a day appears, tourists can easily view and enjoy this moment in a relaxed and fresh atmosphere. That’s a such memorable feeling! 

“Ong” Pagoda

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Ong Pagoda in the morning

As one of the traditional places located in Ninh Kieu wharf area, Ong Pagoda is a well-known sacred temple with Chinese architecture. Here, tourists are all impressed by hundreds of sophisticated incense hanging on the ceiling. When coming inside, the good smell of incense covers the pagoda all day and night. If tourists intend to visit this temple, please make it a priority to a formal dress like long shirts and pants. 

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Ong Pagoda’s inside architecture with a lot of incense hanging on the ceiling

The first start of floating market and fruit garden tours

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Start your floating market or fruit gardens trip from Ninh Kieu wharf

If tourists like to experience Cai Rang floating market tours or visit fruit gardens, Ninh Kieu wharf is also an ideal place to start their trip. With a start from the wharf, tourists can seat on a boat running along the Hau river to see two sides view like Vinpearl building, and local living houses, and especially catch the first sunshine on the river. 

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
One of the tourist ports

Moreover, from the wharf, experiencing traffic on the river when moving to fruit gardens is worth trying. 

Enjoy the local living

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
A corner street in the morning where residents drink coffee

Besides the famous places or activities, there is a signature of Ninh Kieu wharf that tourists should come and take some photos of to keep these beautiful moments. Surrounding this place, many small coffee stores down the roads that only open in the mornings. Many residents drink coffee, talk to each other and enjoy the morning atmosphere together before they start their work. In addition, there are some cuisines only sold in the mornings like Bun bo Hue, Xoi Ga, etc. So, spend a morning tasting breakfast with a cup of coffee, then have some chat with locals to understand more about this friendly land! 

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
A bowl of “bun rieu” – breakfast in the mornings

Ho Chi Minh statue

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night

Ho Chi Minh statue cast in bronze has 7.2 meters and 12 tonnes. The statue is placed seriously on a  granite pedestal with a height of 3.6 meters. This statue is known as a prominent symbol when mentioning Can Tho city. Around the statue, there are also many trees kinds neatly pruned. 

What to do in Ninh Kieu wharf in the evening?

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Ninh Kieu wharf is brilliant at night with colorful lights

In complete contrast with the day life, Ninh Kieu wharf is more bustle and sparkle under colorful light. This time is also the time that attracted more people to go out, stroll and enjoy the vibrancy. 

Night market

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
A bustling market corner

The night market of Ninh Kieu wharf is divided into two sections, one for food and another is accessories & clothes. Tourists can taste various street foods from traditional to the newest types like dim sum, crepe, etc. If tourists want to find something for their friends or relatives, “clothes road” is the best choice. Here, various kinds of stuff like souvenirs, accessories, fashion clothes, etc. with affordable prices. So, let’s spend time wandering along with the market and taking some food or stuff, that’s a must-try experience!

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Variety of snacks and foods

Love Bridge

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night

With a romantic name, Love Bridge (also Pedestrian Bridge) is considered a modern symbol of Ninh Kieu wharf as well as Can Tho City. This bridge is designed with an S-shaped represented Viet Nam country shape. The two bridge’s sides are highlighted by two large lighted lotus statuses. Along the bridge, there are decorated with all kinds of eye-catching LEDs lights creating a vivid and modern night beauty. 

Ninh Kieu Yacht

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night

It’s a deficiency if not talk about Ninh Kieu Yacht for a tour of Can Tho city. The yachts open every night to welcome visitors. When tourists have their own relaxed seats on the yacht, they can enjoy traditional delicacies and impressive performances of “Don ca tai tu“, reformed music of Southern Vietnam, presented by talented singers. During the yacht trip, tourists can view both sides of the nightlife.

City view tourist trams

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
Tourist trams with detailed price list

If having a bit lazy to walk around. Let’s take a seat on a tourist tram to see the lines of people and the surrounding scenery. It will be a great choice for a trip to Ninh Kieu wharf. Tourists also have a chance to visit other places nearby like Tran Phu night market, the main roads of Can Tho, etc. 

Terrace cafe

Ninh Kieu Wharf - Must-go place in Can Tho by night
A view from the terrace cafe gazing down Love Bridge

To have more enjoyment, tourists can choose a cup of coffee or something like a cocktail from a terrace coffee store. The feeling when tasting some cool drink as well as sensing the soft winds, then gazing down at the overview of Ninh Kieu wharf with colorful tones. That’s a poetic and unforgettable experience! 

 Traveling tips 

  • Ninh Kieu wharf mainly lively operates at night. 
  • This destination is a horde of tourist destinations, so if you are with children or elders, a tourist tram is an ideal recommendation. 
  • Prices are affordable with food, but with clothes or other stuff, you can make a different pay to get a suitable price for both you and the sellers..

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