Soc Trang is an attractive tourist spot in the Mekong Delta for its natural beauty, diverse cultures, and friendly people. Being home to 89 pagodas of the Khmer group, and 47 pagodas of the Hoa people, Soc Trang attracts many tourists to visit and explore the architectural works and diverse culture. To make sure that your trip will be pleasant, let’s discover where to stay in Soc Trang with us!

Thuan Phat Hotel

  • Address: 295, Phu Loi Street, Ward 2, Soc Trang Province
Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Thuan Phat Hotel is a convenient and modern accommodation

Thuan Phat Hotel is the newest hotel in the center of Soc Trang city. This property has nearly 60 spacious and comfortable rooms, promising to bring you the best experiences. With a location right in the center and on the city’s busy street, the hotel is perfect for visitors to explore the bustling city.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The rooms are spacious and bright with modern furniture

The hotel includes different kinds of rooms such as superior, deluxe double, junior suite, family suite, deluxe garden, and deluxe pool view.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
There are different types of rooms to suit the taste of visitors

Moreover, the rooms are equipped with modern facilities such as TV, air conditioner, and wireless Internet for guests to enjoy their vacation.

Thien An Hotel

Address: 593, Tran Hung Dao, Ward 3, Soc Trang Province

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Thien An hotel is well-known due to its convenience and modernness

Thien An Hotel Soc Trang 3-star standard is situated in a beautiful location on Tran Hung Dao street in the heart of Soc Trang city. The hotel consists of 48 luxurious bedrooms with full facilities and amenities according to international standards. Noticeably, each room has a bed, chair, table, wardrobe, cable TV, free wifi, a bathroom with a hot and cold shower, etc.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The rooms have enough items for a comfortable trip

The restaurant and swimming pool are the highlights of Thien Au Hotel. The reception area has a spacious, luxurious, and polite waiting line for guests to check in and check out.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The outdoor swimming pool is an attraction of the hotel

Thus, this will be an attractive place to stay for all your travel and business trips to Soc Trang when having a convenient location in the city center.

Phu Qui Hotel

  • Address: 21, Phan Chu Trinh Street, Ward 1, Soc Trang
Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The reception area looks modern and professional

Because of its convenient location, it takes only a few minutes to get to other tourist destinations such as Doi Pagoda. The property possesses modern architecture with elegant inferior.  Especially, the room types are varied to satisfy guests, even the strict ones.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Phu Qui Hotel is on the list of the best accommodations in Soc Trang

Rooms come with tiled floors, cable TV, a minibar, and a private bathroom with a hot water supply, toiletries, and a hairdryer. The restaurant serves breakfast daily from 07:00 – 10:00 am. Guests can ask to have breakfast in the guest room. In addition, they can ask the 24-hour front desk for help with other services.

Satraco Royal Hotel

  • Address: 198, Van Ngoc Chinh, Ward 3, Soc Trang
Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
It’s easy for tourists to get around from the homestay

Satraco Royal Hotel has a convenient location because it is very near many destinations such as Doi Pagoda, Phat Hoc pagoda, and the freshwater lake. The accommodation includes 30 rooms. Some of them have a traditional design and others follow Western architecture. The rooms look cozy and have full modern amenities.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The rooms are tiled with wood creating a warm space

Besides, the hotel uses the bat as the main symbol and decorative pattern. This makes lots of tourists excited when they stay here. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff here also impress tourists. Thus, most of them highly appreciate the services and enjoy staying there.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The owner uses “bats” as the symbol of the homestay

Homestay Zivuu Village Soc Trang

Address: 986, national route 1A, Ward 10, Soc Trang

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The bungalows make the homestay become a small village

Besides good hotels, Soc Trang province has many exciting homestays for tourists to explore. One of the most popular homestays is the Zivuu Village homestay. Because the exterior is airy, green, and serene, it is suitable for those who enjoy the fresh air.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The bamboo bridge is a feature of villages in the Mekong Delta

Most of the rooms are bungalows and have essential amenities to make sure a convenient stay for guests. Although they are simple, their design is sophisticated and elegant. Each room looks like a local home with a garden view. Staying here, tourists will feel pleasant and emerge in the green and peaceful atmosphere. Besides, the homestay also serves many local dishes for tourists.

Where to stay in Soc Trang – Viet Tien Homestay

  • Address: Alley 93, Hung Vuong Street, Ward 6, Soc Trang
Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Viet Tien Homestay has a peaceful and serene location

Viet Tien Homestay is a stop for tourists who want to escape from the chaotic and turbulent life. The whole area is very eco-friendly and peaceful, it attracts many people. Noticeably, there is an outdoor swimming pool; thus, guests can organize barbecue parties beside the pool with their families and friends.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The rooms are comfortable enough with the AR and private bathroom

Despite its faraway location, the rooms have enough facilities and a kitchen for tourists. Guests also can rent bikes to get around the place. The homestay brings a local experience for tourists with the friendliness and helpfulness of the owner.

Where to stay in Soc TrangMy Phuong Homestay

  • Address: 9 DL01, Road 8, The residential area 5a, Soc Trang
Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
My Phuong Homestay receives good feedback for its services

My Phuong Homestay has a comfortable space so many tourists choose to spend time with their families here. The homestay is always on top of the best homestays in Soc Trang for its pleasant accommodation and professional service. Staying here, tourists can enjoy the lush and peaceful environment. People highly appreciate the hospitality and helpfulness of the staff here.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The swimming pool has a roof so visitors can swim if it rains

The rooms are cozy and clean with essential facilities to stay in. Moreover, there is a swimming pool on the campus of the homestay so guests can relax there. The homestay also provides other services such as organizing events, parties, and barbecues. Water and coffee inside the rooms are free.

Anh Duy Family Homestay

  • Address: 50P, Phan Van Hung Street, An Khuong Ward, Ke Sach District, Soc Trang

Anh Duy Family Homestay offers visitors a comfortable resort space to enjoy life. Staying here, visitors will have the most interesting and unique experience of local life.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Anh Duy Family Homestay is surrounded by green trees

The rooms include enough amenities with wireless Internet and a cozy interior. With a reasonable cost, tourists can stay in a comfortable space surrounded by fresh air and local life. Besides, the homestay provides other services such as a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, bar area, and bike rental.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The rooms look simple but have essential facilities

Tourists can also participate in many outdoor activities as playing badminton and volleyball. This homestay is ideal for hosting parties with families and friends. It is relaxing to take a stroll song the Mekong river bank and do some people-watching around Anh Duy Family Homestay.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Coming there, tourists can experience interesting outdoor activities

San Tien Farmstay

  • Address: 177, Vo Thanh Van Street, An Thanh 3 Ward, Cu Lao Dung islet, Soc Trang
Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The farm stay is unique with its diverse ecosystem

San Tien Farmstay attracts many tourists staying because of the natural mangrove ecosystem. The mangrove forest is diverse and a popular check-in site for the young.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
There are lots of monkeys inside the mangrove forests

The homestay offers pleasant rooms with enough facilities and professional services. In addition, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the rich southern cuisine through local dishes. Moreover, there are many traditional activities for tourists to explore, including boat races, Doi pagoda, Dat Set pagoda, etc. The homestay organizes the tour of exploring the mangrove forests with a variety of plants and animals.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
The rooms above the water are different from other accommodations in Soc Trang

Mai Huyen Homestay

  • Address: 278, Phu Loi Street, Ward 2, Soc Trang

Mai Huyen Homestay is one of the most popular homestays in Soc Trang. Its architectural design follows the style of Khmer – ethnic minorities, bringing visitors a unique experience. Apart from comfortable rooms fully equipped, visitors can discover the rich culture and life of the Khmer people here.

Where to stay in Soc Trang (2023)
Mai Huyen Homestay has the Khmer architecture

Additionally, the homestay owner is very kind and willing to tell stories from the past in this land. When coming to Mai Huyen, visitors will enjoy local dishes with the friendliness and enthusiasm of the owner.

2. Tips for traveling to Soc Trang

  • If you plan to visit pagodas in Soc Trang, remember to put on polite and discreet clothes.
  • Take off your hat, sunglasses, and sunblock, scarf to wear when, this temples, pagodas, and the cathedral.
  • Because most Khmer traditional festivals in Soc Trang happen in October (Lunar Calendar), this is an idea sit these pagodas.
  • When entering the main temple of pagodas, visitors should go in from the side doors instead of the main or middle one.


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