Overview of Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang

Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang province is a famous eco-tourism destination in Vietnam. The island appeals to many visitors to admire its nature, enjoy delicious local dishes, and participate in many recreational activities.

Tan Phong island in Tien Giang
Tan Phong island is a popular destination in Tien Giang due to its beautiful surrounding

Where is Tan Phong Island?

Cu Lao Tan Phong is located in Cai Lay District, just over 20 km from My Tho City, Tien Giang Province. It lies between the Tien River and the right bank of the Cai Be floating market. Thanks to the favorable geological location, the fruit trees here are lush and green all year round. Thus, the place has become a famous fruit region of the Mekong Delta.

Tan Phong island in Ben Tre
Tan Phong Island has a favorable location for tourism and cultivation

The history of Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang

Tan Phong Island in the 1800s

Tan Phong Island was called the Con Cu Island. Before 1808, it was Tan Cu Binh An hamlet, which means Binh An village (Binh An means peace), belonging to Binh Duong district, Dinh Vien district, Long Ho Palace, Vinh Long province. In 1808, it belonged to Vinh Truong canton, Vinh Binh district, Dinh Vien district, and Vinh Thanh town. In 1836, the authority renamed it Tan Phong as it is today, belonging to Binh Hung Canton, Vinh Binh District, Dinh Vien District, Vinh Long Province.

Boats full of fruit and vegetables head to the Cai Rang floating market.

Tan Phong Island in the French Colonial period

During the French colonial period, Tan Phong moved to Chau Thanh district, Vinh Long province. According to some historical research, around 1923, Tan Phong village was renamed Tan Dong by the French.

Tan Phong island in Tien Giang
In the past, the island belonged to the management of Vinh Long province

After 1945, Binh Hung district, including Tan Phong village, was transferred to the management of Cho Lach district, Vinh Long province. During the Republic of Vietnam, Tan Phong commune still belonged to Cho Lach district, Vinh Long province.

The island from 1967 to now

In 1967, because it was difficult to travel back and forth across the Tien River, the authority decided to let Tan Phong belong to the Cai Lay district. The aim of this was to organize the movements to support the revolution. After the unification of Viet Nam, Tan Phong Island still belonged to the administration of Tien Giang.

The island is surrounded by green trees and plants

How to get to Tan Phong Island

Here are some ways for visitors to get to Tan Phong island

From City, Ho Chi Minh to Tan Phong island

It is over 100km from Ho Chi Minh City to Tan Phong Island, taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes to arrive there. The most convenient route is to move in the direction of Phan Van Hon to Dai Han Highway (National Highway 1A).

The Hiep Duc – Tan Phong ferry will bring tourists to the island

Next, you move to Tan Tao – Dem market to enter the Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong highway. After that, you continue heading to Cai Lay town. Turn onto road 875B and go to the Hiep Duc – Tan Phong ferry terminal.

My Thuan bridge connecting Vinh Long and Cai Be, Tien Giang

From Can Tho City to Tan Phong Island

The distance from Tan Phong Island to City Can Tho is about 75km. After crossing the Can Tho bridge, you continue to move on National Highway 1A. Next, go straight until you reach the My Thuan and Tien Giang. Then, you turn right into the An Thai Trung Junction. Head to the Hiep Duc – Tan Phong ferry terminal to arrive on the island.

National Highway 1A is the main road leading to the place

What to do on Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang

Bike around Tan Phong island to enjoy beautiful scenery

Visitors can miss the chance to take a cycling tour around the Tan Phong island in Tien Giang. This activity is ideal for those who want to escape from the hustles and bustles of their busy life and enjoy serenity and tranquility. During the tour, they can admire the beautiful nature and meet friendly people.

Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang
The cycling tour is a favorite choice of many tourists

Explore the serenity of the canal in Tan Phong island

Another must-try activity is being on the wooden boats to explore every corner of the island. If you take a boat when visiting Tan Phong Island, you can admire its beauty thoroughly. There is a tour guide to help you know about the features and history of the island.

Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang
When being on the boat, visitors can capture many artistic photos of the canal here

Besides, you can watch the people’s lifestyles alongside the canal. The boat will take you to different fruit orchards where you can try many delicious tropical fruits. It will be worth your time when exploring the Tan Phong island in Tien Giang by boat.

The local people here are very friendly and welcoming

Visit the local fruit orchards in Tan Phong island in Tien Giang

The total area of Tan Phong island is more than one thousand hectares. Because of the fertile alluvial plains and a mild climate all year round, this place is suitable for growing many kinds of orchards. Hence, tourists can taste many tropical fruits such as rambutan, longan, grapefruit, mulberry, etc.

Tourists check in at the tangerine orchards on Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang

People usually say that Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang changes its shirt over each fruit season. During the rambutan season, this place wears a lush red shirt. Tan Phong Island has many large and lush fruit orchards, so tourists can visit and pick the fruits to enjoy right in the garden.

Rambutans are very popular here

Listen to amateur music on Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang

One of the popular musical forms in the West is amateur music. You will feel Western culture through their songs. Besides, you can also enjoy irresistible delicious food while listening to them sing.

Listening to the traditional music in the Mekong Delta is a memorable experience for visitors

Enjoy the specialty “Tan Phong rice snail”

Tan Phong rice snail is also a famous specialty of the Mekong Delta region. Tan Phong island in Tien Giang is one of the most famous lands for its rice snail specialty. From the outside, Tan Phong Rice Snails have a beautiful green color and firm and plump meat. When cooking, it has an irresistibly delicious smell.

The rice snails usually grow in freshwater

Tan Phong rice snails are the main ingredients of many delicious dishes, such as stir-fried rice snails with garlic and chili, burnt rice snails with garlic, boiled rice snails in guava leaves, etc. Apart from many local dishes in Tien Giang, Tan Phong Rice Snail will fascinate visitors with its unique flavor and remind people of a tranquil island in Tien Giang.

Dishes made from the Tan Phong rice snails can satisfy many gourmets

Bath at the river bank of Tan Phong island

“Bathing” on the island’s bank is a unique form of entertainment only available at Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang. You will enjoy swimming, playing in the water, and playing with the waves. The place also has life jackets and lifeguards for visitors’ safety. A freshwater shower system is available to serve tourists.

Bathing is a special experience in Tan Phong island

Where to stay on Tan Phong Island in Tien Giang

Because Tan Phong Island is a famous tourist destination, there are many comfortable homestays in the area. Here are some of the cozy and convenient accommodations, you can consider.

  • MekongThe  Ecolodge

Mekong Ecolodge tourist area, located on Tan Phong island in Tien Giang province is built from rustic natural materials with thatched roofs, bamboo, and wooden furniture.

  • Mekong Rustic

Mekong Rustic is designed as a cozy and comfortable house of local people with enough necessary amenities for visitors.

  • Sau Van Homestay

Sau Van Homestay has a large garden for visitors to take a stroll.  Visitors can experience many activities such as going to the monkey bridge, slapping ditches to catch fish, bathing in ponds, etc. Besides, they can enjoy many local dishes in this homestay.

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