Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Thoi Son Island

You are a lover of the garden scene in Tien Giang, so surely not less than once you have heard of Thoi Son island. Have you ever wondered why every weekend and holiday everyone invites each other to go to this tourist destination? So what’s so special about this isle that attracts tourists’ curiosity to explore? Join us to learn more about the natural beauty of this place!

About Thoi Son Island

This tourist destination possesses a unique cultural beauty, with many idyllic natural trees, excellent and unique cuisine as well as melodious sounds and melodies of the West. This isle is really an experiential place to visit that surely no tourist wants to miss the opportunity to visit. Thoi Son island is a famous eco-tourism destination in the South of Vietnam. This is a place associated with the image of a four-season orchard with a variety of species along with a dense river system and heroic and heroic fighting stories of national heroes.

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
About Thoi Son island

History of Thoi Son island

Before coming here, you should also know a little about the history of Thoi Son island formation, we can remember the event that happened in the spring of 1785. At this time, the hero of the nation Nguyen Hue ( King Quang Trung) won a glorious victory, he succeeded in successfully repelling 50,000 Siamese troops (today Thailand) who invaded our country at that time.

During the years of resistance war against the French and American imperialists, Thoi Son island was the place where the victories and heroic feats of the Western army and people were recorded with the battle surrounding the Dong Tam base, all of which made an illustrious Binh Duc victory for the nation.

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
History of Thoi Son island

Geography features of this location

Thoi Son island or we can call it Lan (one of the four sacred animals according to the ancient Chinese concept: Long – Lan – Quy – Phung), is located in the downstream of Tien River, belonging to the commune. Thoi Son, My Tho city, Tien Giang province today. This is a famous tourist destination in Tien Giang province attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit each year. This is considered as the jewel of the vast Tien River.

  • The island is covered with a cool green color of perennial gardens and four-season fruit trees. With a system of interlaced canals and alluvial deposits every day, it is not surprising that this place has become a famous eco-tourism destination of Tien Giang. This place attracts more than hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and contributes to the development of tourism in Tien Giang province.
  • When coming to Thoi Son island, you will have the opportunity to personally pick and enjoy a lot of delicious fruits, experience extremely rustic outdoor activities such as: catching fish, making puff pastry, coconut candy, etc. Relax to the tunes of Southern Don ca tai tu art, visit the canals or paddle by yourself on a unique dinghy.
Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Geography of Thoi Son Island

How to travel to Thoi Son island

Departing from Ho Chi Minh City to Thoi Son island is very convenient, so city people often love the form of garden tourism to relax and relieve stress. Sitting in the middle of a variety of fruit trees, cool enough for visitors to avoid the harsh sun and dust in the noisy and busy city.

  • If you do not go alone, but in a group or with family, the safest and most economical means for you is to rent a car with a driver. You can just avoid the sweltering heat of the harsh South. You can leisurely watch the green of the vast rice fields and the images of buffaloes eating grass, while listening to the driver tell about old stories as well as extremely interesting South – North travel experiences.
  • If you want to travel here by yourself, you can go to Thoi Son island by private vehicle such as car or motorbike. The distance from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho is about 70km long, the travel time is very fast, only takes a maximum of 2 hours.

You can also buy a bus ticket at Mien Tay bus station to My Tho with a very reasonable price, the price ranges from 60,000 VND – 90,000 VND / person (excluding tax and round trip). If you want even more convenience, you can travel in the form of a tour booking to be picked up by the company and enjoy exciting experiences at the cheapest price for you!

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
How to go to Thoi Son Island

Ticket price to visit Thoi Son Island

  • Ticket price to visit the island includes: watching folk music performances, eating fruit, drinking tea, riding a horse-drawn carriage around the island is 200,000 VND – 300,000 VND.
  • The average food price in Thoi Son island is about 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND / person.
  • Experience folk games: 100,000 VND / person.

Ticket prices to visit these places are completely free, the average cost for all services in this place is only from about 200,000 VND / person. This is really a very good price for a trip to the garden to relieve stress. Schedule your own time to visit this place now, Mekong Smile guarantees you won’t be disappointed with this experience!

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Ticket price when visit Thoi Son Island

Enjoy at Thoi Son island in Tien Giang

Thoi Son island is a large floating island, located in the middle of the Tien River with an area of more than 50 hectares. On the island, there are about 6000 households living here. Together they are making efforts to preserve the natural beauty of their hometown of Tien Giang. This destination attracts tourists partly because of that feature, they feel the warmth and friendliness of the local people. The island in recent years has been invested more than before, with the system of island one to island five.

The island has a lot of entertainment activities and experiences that you should not miss the opportunity to visit. This place is not as bustling as other famous tourist areas but is a place for you to come back to the beauty of the wild, rustic and peaceful island of the West.

Boating on the river

Tourists have ever thought that they will be able to ride a dinghy? Coming to Thoi Son island, visitors will surely experience this exciting yet new feeling. The boatman will take you through the small, quiet canals lined with fresh green coconut trees. Sitting on the boat, you will feel the cool, peaceful, fresh air of each thatched roof house and the natural beauty of the orchard.

On the journey of sitting on a dinghy, you will hear the locals tell old stories and legends about the island so that you can better understand the idyllic lifestyle of the people here. You also remember to prepare yourself conical hats to protect yourself from the sun and check in when you come here.

Thoi Son island is favored by nature more than other islands in Tien Giang. It has a large, rich and diverse garden system. Visiting this island, visitors will be able to observe the cool blue water, and watch the orchards laden with four seasons on both sides of the river.

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Tourists boating on the river

Picking fruit from the garden of locals

Talking about Western tourism without mentioning the luxuriant orchards is really a huge omission! Thoi Son island is one of the islets specializing in fruit cultivation in Tien Giang province. This place annually provides abundant fruit for many large wholesale markets and supermarkets. You can pick and eat fruit yourself at the garden or you can buy it as a gift for family and friends, rest assured because the garden owner does not sell high prices to tourists.

According to tourists who have been to the island, the fruit trees on the island are luxuriant all year round, but especially in the summer. The island is a source of fruit for many wholesale markets. In Tien Giang province, fruits in the island are abundant and of the best quality. These are rambutan, star fruit, and longan. Each fruit is as sweet as the heart of the people of Tien Giang. Visiting the fruit gardens, visitors can walk along the sidewalks, visit and enjoy the fruits directly at the garden. Of course, you can also take pictures.

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Picking fruits on the island

Listening to folk music cultural named “Don Ca Tai Tu”

The Southern Don Ca Tai Tu has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of great influence in Vietnam. Coming to Thoi Son island, you will listen to folk songs with bold sincerity, simplicity and warm feelings of the people of Tien Giang. In addition, you can visit the remaining 3 islets to fully discover the beauty of the 4 precious treasures of the Tien River. On the island, there are huts as a stopover for tourists to rest. In the fresh air, large space, listening to a folk song, visitors suddenly find life strangely serene!

Fishing by hand and traditional technique

Besides visiting the orchard, you also have the opportunity to experience being a real local through fishing with them. “Garden bream is delicious but very difficult to catch”, those who have once tried the experience of catching and cooking this fish must have the same thought as us.

Slapping ditches to catch fish is interesting when you first hear it, especially for those who have never done this. If you are someone who has lived in a big city since childhood, how can you have the opportunity to do this? Come to Thoi Son island to manually slap ditches, swim in the river to catch fish, experience the leisurely life of a genuine Tien Giang farmer and enjoy the pleasures only available in the West of the river. This memorable joyful moment will bring happiness to you and your family. After catching fish, you can also enjoy your own products after a tiring “diving” time underwater. The cost for this activity is 100,000VND/person including lunch, really cheap isn’t it!

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Fishing by hand and traditional tools

Riding a horse-drawn carriage to visit

It’s not just fishing that’s fun. You can also visit Thoi Son island in Tien Giang by horse-drawn carriage. Horses here are very gentle, friendly, and can carry tourists around Thoi Son island.

In addition to taking a dinghy down the canal or picking fruit or catching fish yourself, you can also go by horse-drawn carriage or you can ride a bicycle if you are afraid or don’t like riding a horse-drawn carriage. The horse-drawn carriage will take you for a walk around the island and visit the famous photo spots on this island that are also very interesting.

Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Riding on the horse carriage

What to eat at Thoi Son island in Tien Giang?

After riding the horse-drawn carriage, it’s time for you to definitely enjoy the specialties of Tien Giang. After a tiring day of sightseeing, enjoying the dishes of Tien Giang’s hometown is a perfect experience for visitors to end an interesting island tour day.

  • Food is always the simplest way to bring visitors closer to the culture of a tourist destination. Coming to Thoi Son island, you definitely have to eat specialties such as grilled snakehead fish, fried Linh fish, pancakes, and fried sticky rice.
  • Among those excellent dishes, anyone who has once “slapped the ditch to catch fish” will not be able to forget the taste of garden grilled fish. Enjoy the fruits of your labor like a real local. Visitors will feel a part of the simple joys in daily life. The fish you catch will be cooked by the chef into delicious dishes.
Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Enjoy grilled fish by hay
Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Banh xeo of Thoi Son Island
Thoi Son island – Visit the famous and natural island in Tien Giang
Delicious dried-fish

What to prepare when going to Thoi Son island?

When should we come to this island?

When traveling to Thoi Son island in Tien Giang, you should go in the dry season and not in the rainy season. The time from October this year to April next year is an extremely favorable time for you to visit the island. When visiting the isle in the rainy season, it will be difficult for you to walk on the isle because the path is often wet and slippery.

Some advices for tourists when coming to Thoi Son island

You also need to prepare yourself some necessary things below when visit Thoi Son island:

  • Clothing: Tourists should wear comfortable, cool clothing. You should also bring a wide-brimmed hat, cap and a thick jacket because the weather is quite hot. Use sunscreen and a mask to protect your skin from the sun and UV rays. An umbrella is extremely useful for you, so remember to bring several.
  • Footwear: Tourists should wear sandals or sports shoes for easy walking in the garden or sitting on a boat or hiking without you feeling sore feet. Do not wear high heels and wear socks to increase the effectiveness of sun protection.
  • Food: You should also bring some cakes and a few bottles of mineral water to enjoy along the way. Paper towels are compact and handy so you can use them after eating and going to the bathroom.
  • Equipment: Do not forget to bring your phone with a fully charged battery and a power bank to comfortably check-in without worry. If possible, bring a professional camera with a mount for more professional-style group and family photos. Carry a waterproof zip bag in case your camera, phone gets dropped in water or sudden rains. The weather is always a mystery, how to know when it will rain.

Please arrange the busy work of daily life, come to the island to relieve stress, pressure and relax to have a memorable trip to these places, why not try it once? A one-day itinerary is enough for you to discover the most beautiful features of Thoi Son island. Mekong Smile hopes you will have the opportunity to visit here at least once in your travel itinerary!


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