Ben Tre is a picturesque province located in the heart of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. Known as the “Coconut Capital” of the country, Ben Tre is celebrated for its lush coconut groves. Thus, there are a huge number of coconut workshops which produce a variety of products from parts of coconut trees. 

The land of coconut in Ben Tre


Ben Tre is just 80km away from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, and about 120km from Can Tho City. The whole province is criss-crossed with a network of smaller rivers and canals. In addition, it has the best soil conditions for growing plants, especially coconut trees. Thus, the province is famous for its abundant coconut groves and coconut-related products. And, it’s a great place for tourists to learn about coconuts and their various uses. 

Coconut trees cover the land

Best time to go to Ben Tre

The ideal period for a trip to Ben Tre falls during the summer months, spanning from June to August. During this season, trees in the orchards are in fruit, and many tourism activities become available. When visiting Ben Tre this season, tourists have the chance to partake tropical fruits with great relish, enjoying every bite. It is also a big occasion for visitors to experience daily activities of local individuals. It is a great place for visitors to spend time discovering coconut workshops in this place. Let’s explore Coconut workshops in Ben Tre Province with Mekong Smile Tour!

The scene is in the dry season

Top coconut workshops in Ben Tre

In the path of attending coconut workshops, visitors are able to learn how coconuts are processed into various products. This includes extracting coconut water, making coconut milk, and processing coconut flesh into oil and other coconut-based products. Here are some coconut workshops which are expected to be good choices for tourists to visit. 

Hung Phong coconut straw basket weaving village – Giong Trom

Hung Phong (so-called Con Oc), is isolated from the mainland, on an islet in Ham Luong river. The only way for tourists to get there is by boat. Hung Phong coconut straw basket weaving village has been founded for 31 years to date. This workshop primarily specializes in crafting baskets made from parts of a coconut tree. These baskets are woven in different shapes, and used with particular purposes. Baskets made from coconut trees can be utilized to contain wine, food or fruit, which are popular on Tet holiday in Vietnam. The products are also used to arrange flowers in order to gift or decorate the house. 

Baskets are made from coconut trees in Hung Phong

When coming to the village, visitors are able to see and experience creating a product from coconut trees. To make a basket, the craftsman must go through many stages from the preparation of raw materials to weaving and producing the product. The craftsman needs to take several steps such as peeling the coconut tree into pieces of string. Next, they form the shape of the basket, weaving and pinning. Those who weave baskets are not only skillful, patient, and meticulous, but also pay more attention to many parts even in small details. The special feature of this art product is that it is environmentally friendly, bearing the flavor of the homeland of coconut.

Coconut basket weaving in Hung Phong, Ben Tre

An Thanh and Khanh Thanh Tan coconut fiber craft villages

An Thanh and Khanh Thanh Tan are two notable coconut fiber craft villages located in the Ben Tre. An Thanh, situated in An Thanh Commune, Mo Cay district,  is a charming village. Khanh Thanh Tan is another thriving coconut fiber craft village situated in Ben Tre province, not far from An Thanh.  Coconut fiber is considered a versatile and sustainable material derived from the coconut husk. These villages are renowned for their expertise in crafting a wide range of products using coconut fiber. 

Coconut fiber craft village

When visiting two villages, visitors are witness to how skilled artisans craft a variety of products from coconut fiber. These include doormats, brushes, rugs, mats, and even more intricate items like coconut fiber artwork. The products are consumed in both domestic and foreign markets. 

Make coconut fibers

Coconut fiber crafts hold a significant place in the local culture of Ben Tre. Visiting the villages provides an opportunity to learn about the traditional techniques and cultural significance of these crafts. Both villages have attracted  tourists, offering visitors the chance to tour workshops, observe the crafting process. Visitors can try their hand at creating coconut fiber products under the guidance of skilled artisans.

Chau Thanh coconut candy villages

Chau Thanh Coconut Candy Village is a famous destination located in the charming Chau Thanh district of Ben Tre province, near the Rach Mieu bridge. Although many coconut candy villages are in other districts, this village has its own unique characteristics. Additionally, it has earned a well-deserved reputation as a hub for this delectable treat. Tourists can visit the “Que Dua” workshop in the districts. 

“Que Dua” – a coconut workshop produces coconut candies

Artisans who have mastered the art of making coconut candy use locally sourced coconuts to make these sweet. The main ingredients include coconut milk, sugar, and sometimes additional flavors like coffee or durian. Candy makers have used traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations to produce sweets. Thus, these candies come in different forms, including chewy, soft, or crispy varieties, offering a unique taste and texture. Some are rolled into bite-sized pieces, while others are wrapped in edible rice paper. 

Try to making candies in the coconut workshop

During the tour, visitors can witness the candy-making process from start to finish, including cooking, cooling, cutting, and packaging. In “Dua Que” workshop, tourists even have the chance to make coconut candy under the guidance of artisans.  Before departing, don’t forget to pick up some coconut candies and products as souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones. 

Coconut workshop making candies

Ben Tre province is a delightful destination where visitors can indulge in the sweet flavors of Vietnam. Besides, tourists appreciate the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into creating products from coconut trees. It’s a place where tradition, culture, and culinary expertise converge to offer a memorable and flavorful experience.

Some tips for tourists when they visit Ben Tre

  • Tourists can get to Ben Tre by boat, coach, or motorbikes.
  • It is recommended that tourists should rent a scooter or bicycle to explore the charming place by themselves.
  • If you want to have the best experience in Ben Tre, you should take a look at the Ben Tre tourUnblock Secrets of the “Capital” of Coconuts


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