Tien Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta and lies along the north of the Tien River. Because of its favorable location, Tien Giang is one of the tourism hubs of the region. This province is an attractive destination with lots of things to explore. Noticeably, although they establish many homestays and hotels, people focus on the sustainable development of tourism and the preservation of the natural environment. Let’s have a look at where to stay in Tien Giang with Mekong Smile Tour!

Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort and Spa

Address: Hoa Quy Village, Hoa Khanh Ward, Cai Be Town, Tien Giang Province

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The resort captures the great attention of tourists

Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort and Spa is situated in the center of the province. Thus, it is easy to get around other destinations in the area.  With a total area of nearly 8 ha, the resort follows the garden house style. The atmosphere is fresh and tranquil so it is ideal for tourists to experience life in the countryside. Especially, tourists can enjoy organic farming products grown by the resort.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The poetic view here brings a sense of peace and relaxation

The campus includes green gardens, fish ponds, and fruit orchards. The people here are also friendly, enthusiastic, and professional. The highlight of the Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort is the traditional architecture. The rooms look like cozy houses in the South-west in the past. The view from each room is poetic with the romantic river.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The modern amenities make the resort a pleasant place to stay

The rooms are equipped with modern amenities to maintain an excellent trip for tourists. In addition, the resort offers other services such as a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, etc.

The Island Lodge

Address: 390, Thoi Binh Village, Thoi Son Ward, Chau Thanh District, Tien Giang Province

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The Island Lodge is usually compared to a tranquil shelter of Tien Giang

The Island Lodge Thoi Son carries the beauty of nature a lot because people plant various kinds of plants here. As a result, tourists want to escape from the noisy and dusty cities and can shelter there to have a break. The quality of services here can satisfy any tourist, even the strictest ones. The five-star resort is in the middle of a tropical forest and contains high-quality facilities and services.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The room is cozy and bright with beautiful furniture

The accommodation was built by a couple of French, including 12 international standard rooms. Moreover, it is also one of the most outstanding resorts in Tien Giang following sustainable development.  Each room has its style and arrangement to create more choices. Apart from the attractive interior, the rooms are always clean and modern. The rooms are spacious and have a small yard for bathing. You can choose from different views such as a garden or a river.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
One of the features of the Island Lodge Thoi Son is the lush garden

At The Island Lodge Thoi Son, there are many recreational and relaxing activities: Swimming pool, Spa room, Restaurant, Bar, etc.

Mekong Lodge – Where to stay in Tien Giang

Address: An Hoa Village, Dong Hoa Hiep Ward, Cai Be Town, Tien Giang Province

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Mekong Lodge is one of the most popular accommodations in Tien Giang

The whole area of Mekong Lodge resort is surrounded by a fresh and lush ecosystem. The resort is impressive with eco-friendly building materials.  Additionally, the rooms are well-designed to reflect the features of the region. There is a garden with many tropical plants in front of the rooms.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The bungalows are like a local house with a private space

In general, the Mekong Lodge includes 26 bungalows. Twelve of them have private swimming pools. Particularly, rooms have beautiful gardens or poetic river views. There is an awning and armchair for guests to enjoy the views. Deluxe rooms contain a private pool, garden terrace, outdoor shower, and bathroom.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Besides, people working here are very friendly and helpful

The furniture arrangement brings a feeling of closeness and friendliness. Also, tourists can experience other services such as restaurants, spas, and cooking classes.

Mekong Rustic Cai Be

Address: Tan Thien village, Tan Phong Ward, Cay Lay District, Tien Giang Province.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Apart from staying, tourists can enjoy tropical fruits here

Mekong Rustic Cai Be is about 0.3 km from the Cai Be floating market among fruit gardens. Hence, it possesses the most stunning scenery in the rural area. Coming here, tourists can leave behind the hustle and noisy life and emerge in a peaceful atmosphere.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
In general, the rooms contain essential facilities and are elegant

Staying in the convenient rooms of the homestay, tourists can admire the lush gardens. Moreover, there are many other services such as wifi, restaurant, and playground. Guests can choose from three kinds of rooms, including double-bed rooms, bungalows with garden views, and family bungalows. The homestay uses eco-friendly materials such as brick, recycled wood, and wooden products for 12 private bungalows.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The architecture follows the traditional style of houses in the South Viet Nam

Besides, the staff here are also friendly and enthusiastic, so many tourists prefer the homestay. Tourists can also rent bikes to travel to different destinations easily.

Happy Farm Tien Giang Homestay

Address: 35, Bo Xe Village, Phu Thanh Ward, Chau Thanh District, Tien Giang Province

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The farm contains natural beauty and lovely creatures

Coming to Happy Farm Tien Giang Homestay, tourists will fall in love with the peace and green of the Southern countryside. Tourists can experience many exciting activities: learn how to ride horses, make friends with lovely deers, and row Kayak boats.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The interior is simple but clean and convenient

To maintain a great vacation for tourists, the homestay provides a system of rooms following the traditional architectural style in south Vietnam. The bungalows lie in the peaceful garden with the sounds of birds and chickens. The rooms are built from wood and bamboo with essential amenities such as bathrooms, air conditioners, TVs, and fridges.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Tourists enjoy feeding and playing with animals on the farm

Mekong Ecolodge

Address: Tan Luong A Village, Tan Phong Ward, Cai Lay District, Tien Giang

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Coming to Mekong Ecolodge, tourists can experience the local lifestyle

Mekong Ecolodge is surrounded by the Mekong river. Thus, it has romantic and poetic landscapes. Its architectural design reflects the local culture of the Mekong Delta. The rooms are built from thatched roofs, bamboo, wood, etc. to create a simple and green environment for guests. Each room has a terrace and balcony with views of the lush garden.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Taking a stroll around the garden to enjoy the fresh air is worth trying

The highlight of Mekong Ecolodge is the large and beautiful campus. The designers arrange every plant and thing to make tourists feel refreshed and peaceful here. This is a harmonious combination between nature, folklore, and modernness.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The homestay uses eco-friendly building materials such as wood, cane, and bamboo

In addition, the accommodation here has enough essential facilities for you to have a comfortable trip. Other services of the homestay are also attractive. The restaurant serves many local dishes and making local crafts is worth trying. Mekong Ecolodge is a great refuge from the bustling and modern lifestyle.

The Durian Lodge at Mekong

Address: An Hoa Village, Dong Hoa Hiep Ward, Cai Be Town, Tien Giang

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Tourists can organize many outdoor activities in the yard

The Durian Lodge at Mekong has a modern and luxurious design, bringing excitement places tourists. The accommodation is also one of the best homestays in Tien Giang.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The kitchen has an open space so it is very airy

Especially, the owner grows lots of durian trees here; thus, she names the accommodation “The Durian Lodge”. It is a great idea to enjoy the sweet durians right in the fruit garden.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
A place is a favorite place for those who love durians

The white makes the homestay more beautiful and bright. Additionally, the campus here is spacious that is suitable for outdoor activities. Bungalows here have garden views with essential amenities. The place also receives good feedback for clean and comfortable rooms.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The rooms are not very large but convenient enough to spend your vacation

Many guests gave compliments on the services and food in the homestay. The food in the restaurant is cooked by Ms. Loan, the owner of the homestay. She is very kind and enthusiastic.

Aurora Mekong

Address: Road 875, Hamlet 4, Phu An Ward, Cai Be Town, Tien Giang

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The hotel is located in the local area with a serene atmosphere

Aurora Mekong hotel is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Cai Be, offering a family-friendly environment and many helpful amenities to enhance your stay.  Aurora Mekong hotel offers guests an array of room amenities including air conditioning, and getting online is possible, as free wifi is available.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Rooms are suitable for couples and tourists who travel alone

The small hotel offers a 24-hour front desk, room service, and a sun terrace, to make your visit even more pleasant. The hotel also offers a restaurant. Guests can travel around with their vehicles and park them here.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
It also provides a free parking area for guests

While staying at Aurora Mekong hotel, visitors can check out Cai Be Floating Market (3.8 km), one of Cai Be’s most popular attractions.

Nam Thi Holiday Homestay

Address: 133, Group 7, Block 4, Cai Be Town, Tien Giang Province

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The exterior of Nam Thi Holiday Homestay looks ancient and rustic

Nam Thi Holiday Home has an airy and quiet space by the Cai Be river. With a sophisticated and cozy decoration style, many tourists fall in love with the accommodation. Homestay has 3 separate bungalows, providing a rustic space with a small restaurant for guests to eat and drink next to the coconut garden and river view.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
Because its location is on the river bank, tourists can enjoy the romantic view of the river

In front of each room, the homestay owner cleverly arranges tables and chairs to relax, drink tea, read books, or simply breathe in the pleasant fresh air. Although the homestay area is not too large, here you will feel the connection between design space and green nature. Therefore, the atmosphere of the house is always cool, fresh, and extremely comfortable.

Where to stay in Tien Giang (2023)
The rooms have an elegant and pleasant design

2. Tips for traveling to Tien Giang

  • Tien Giang has a typical climate of the Mekong Delta with two distinct seasons. The dry season begins from December to April while the rainy season lasts from May to November. Each season brings s different experience to visitors.
  • Remember to brsuncreameams and anti-mosquito cream to prevent sunburn and mosquitoes.

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