Overview of Ben Tre

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
The land of coconuts in Viet Nam


Ben Tre is considered as the “Land of Coconut”, just 80km away from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City. This captivates tourists by the natural landscapes, beautiful canals, and traditional activities. It is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the bustling city and seek a calm and peaceful refugee.


Ben Tre is of monsoon tropical weather with an average temperature ranging from 26 to 27°C. The rainy season usually begins in May and lasts until October. The dry season takes the rest months of the year.

Best time to go to Ben Tre

The best time to visit Ben Tre is in the summer (from June to August) when most of the fruits in Ben Tre turn ripe and many tourism activities occur. Coming to Ben Tre this season, visitors can enjoy the tropical fruits, experience the countryside lifestyle, and immerse themselves in the daily lives of local people. Let’s explore what to do in Ben Tre with Mekong Smile Tour!

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
A quiet refugee in the Mekong Delta

What to do in Ben Tre – Top things to do in Ben Tre

1. Explore water coconut small canal

One of the most fascinating experiences in Ben Tre is taking a paddle-boat cruise through the water coconut canals. Tourists can let their hair down while the local rowing boat slowly goes inside a green small canal covering with high coconut waters. Tourists can enjoy the fresh breeze and atmosphere here. It would be an unforgettable experience for those who love exploring the beauty of nature.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
A serene water coconut small canal in Ben Tre

2. Visit the traditional brick kiln

For a long time, the production of bricks plays an important part in people’s life in Ben Tre. They learned the brick-making method from the French. More importantly, local people preserve this technique until the present. The bricks are designed and baked in a traditional way inside the dome-shaped kiln. Every step is done by hand, so it requires skillful workmanship and intensive labor. Watching how these bricks are made will be an interesting experience for visitors.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
A gorgeous picture in The Brick Klin, Ben Tre

 3. Visit coconut candy factory

Another interesting destination is the coconut candy and honey factories. Tourists have chances to see the process of making coconut candies and enjoy these wonderful candies. Coconut candies would taste better when serving with a cup of warm tea. Also, there are different types of coconut candies including Pandan and Durian Flavor, Original Flavor, and Cocoa Flavor. Besides, they could buy packages of coconut candies to bring home at a reasonable price.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
Coconut candies in Ben Tre

4. Visit Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
A great picture in Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Vam Ho is a submerged region in Ba Tri, Ben Tre, containing many wild forests with a great variety of trees including water coconut, date, mangrove, reed, and Avicenna. This is a favorite destination for birds. The best time to see the storks is from April to October. Tourists can see the birds after 5 pm when sunset comes, great flocks of storks fly over the place to turn around under a glowing sky and land within the green forest.

 5. Making a traditional sleep mat

When visitors are tired of getting around different places under the hot weather, they can stop by a quiet mat weaving village in the Chau Thanh district. There are three well-known Mat weaving villages: Nhon Thanh, An Hiep, and Thanh Thoi B. Coming to this village, visitors can see how people make sleeping mats step by step and try making their own sleeping mat under the guidance of local people.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
Try making a sleeping mat in Ben Tre

6. Experience traditional games at Lan Vuong Ecotourism Area

If tourists want to return to their carefree childhood or attend funny games with their friends and family, Lan Vuong Ecotourism Area is the most suitable place. Tourists can get there by motorbikes, cars, or coach and join in many interesting games such as walking barefoot across the rustic bamboo bridge, going cycling on the narrow bamboo line to cross the river, and catching fish by hands.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
Crossing the bamboo bridge in Lan Vuong Tourism Site

Especially, before playing games, visitors will wear “Ao Ba Ba” (a type of shirt used by Southern Vietnamese people or you can call it “loose blouse”). Remember that tourists don’t need to pay the entrance fee. They will only pay for the games they play and the food they eat.

Catching fish in mud lake

7. Enjoy fruits at Cai Mon fruit orchard

Cai Mon Orchard Village is the kingdom of bonsai in Vietnam, and many orchards fruit trees in South Vietnam. The fruits are available for visitors in any season. Located on the bank of the Tien River, the orchard village supplies products such as durians, mangosteens, mangoes, longans, and varieties of citrus every year. Therefore, Cai Mon orchard village has become a favorite tourist destination for travelers.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
Cai Mon Fruit Orchard

Cai Mon is also a great place to explore sophisticated bonsai and stunning flowers. Thousands of households in Cai Mon grow flowers such as marigold, dahlia, and carnation. In addition, visitors can find valuable hundred-year ornamental trees such as fig, carambola, areca, apricot, and others. Especially, artisans create many creative and unique artworks from lush trees.What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre

The beauty of bonsai in Cai Mon orchard

8. Visit Cho Lach ornamental flower village

Cho Lach ornamental flower village, about 35 km from Ben Tre city, is situated in Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province. Tourists will be lost in a forest of flowers.  The main flowers in Cho Lach are usually yellow apricot, raspberry daisy, confetti, and a wide range of flower buds. Also, there is a famous confetti flower village called Phu Son in Cho Lach with various kinds of confetti. Moreover, to meet the needs of requirements of the market, artisans create different kinds of ornamental animals and objects. These show their skillful workmanship and creativity to make the orchard village more attractive.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
Phu Son confetti flower village in Cho Lach

9. Enjoy honey tea in Con Phung Island

Con Phung Island is the home of Vietnam’s most productive bee farms which supplying a great amount of honey with high quality for the region. The specialty in Con Phung is honey tea made from honey, kumquat juice, and pollen. Besides, honey tea is very beneficial for improving people’s health. Having a cup of honey tea under the tropical weather of Ben Tre will is really fascinating.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre

Honey tea in Con Phung Island

10. Experience interesting traditional festivals

Coconut festival is a great occasion for tourists to learn about the local culture in Ben Tre. This festival is held annually to celebrate products made from coconuts. Another reason is to honor the artisans creating many beautiful products from coconut trees. Coming to the festival, visitors can watch many wonderful art performances, unique products made from coconuts, and listen to the history of coconut trees.

What to do in Ben Tre - Top things to do in Ben Tre
Coconut Festival in Ben Tre

Some tips for tourists when they visit Ben Tre

  • Tourists can get to Ben Tre by coach, bus, or motorbikes.
  • Additionally, It would be better if you rent a bicycle to get to different places to get closer to the countryside because everything is still original.
  • If you want to have the best experience in Ben Tre, you should take a look at the Ben Tre tourUnblock Secrets of the “Capital” of Coconuts

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