Ben Tre is one of the most popular destinations in the Mekong Delta. Because of its large acreages of fruit farming, Ben Tre has become a top destination for ecotourism and river-based tours. Besides, planning tourist destinations they should visit, tourists should consider where to stay in Ben Tre; as a result, tourists can save their budget and feel pleasant while traveling. Let’s explore where to stay in Ben Tre with the Mekong Smile tour.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Ben Tre is known as the kingdom of coconuts

Mango home riverside

  • Address: My Huan Hamlet My Thanh Village, Giong Trom District, Ben Tre

Mango Home Riverside is a beautiful resort located on the banks of the gentle Giong Trom River, an ideal place to stop when visitors visit the coconut kingdom of Ben Tre. Hidden in lush plants by the Ham Luong River, the resort is located in the suburb of Ben Tre. Moreover, the accommodation is also the only guest house in the Giong Trom district, a peaceful destination.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Generally, the resort looks calm with green trees

The feature of Mango Home Riverside Ben Tre is its establishment. The area used to be a wildland, but now the existence of the natural resort creates many jobs for local people. The resort focuses on a peaceful and relaxing place for visitors to stay and on preserving the natural environment here. During their stay in the resort, visitors can enjoy natural landscapes, delicious dishes, and professional staff.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Apart from the landscapes, the facilities here are quite modern

All rooms in the Mango Home Riverside are designed following the southern style with basic objects such as crockery, and bamboo. Although the design is not luxurious, it brings a sense of familiarity to the countryside and tourists can help close to nature. The rooms follow minimalism but have full facilities and essential furniture to serve the visitors.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The rooms are large and cozy with the modern architectural style

Mekong home

  • Address: Hamlet 9, Phuoc Long commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province.

Mekong home is on the list of where to stay in Ben Tre due to its natural and tranquil space. It attracts a lot of tourists due to its unique beauty with lovely wooden houses in the middle of lush green gardens and coconut trees.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
People concentrate on developing the homestay and preserving the nature

A local family established Mekong Home and managed it themselves. The views from the rooms and inferior of them meet the quality of clean – beautiful and peaceful.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The peaceful atmosphere makes tourists love this more

For those who love nature, and tranquility, you will feel satisfied with beautiful bungalows. Each room has local ornaments relating to Ben Tre. In detail, some decorative objects such as the beds, the lamps, the chairs, etc. are made from coconut trees, a specialty of Ben Tre.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Some ornaments in the rooms are from coconuts or bamboo

In addition, the rooms also have white mosquito nets and red pillows that both repel mosquitoes and insects well and bring comfort when lying down.

Jardin Du Mekong Homestay

Address: Song Doc Bridge, Dinh Binh hamlet, Hoa Nghia commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province

Jardin Du Mekong Homestay is 20 km from Vinh Long City, 30 minutes by boat to Cai Be floating market, 35 km from Ben Tre, and 55 km from Can Tho City. The building materials are wood, bamboo, and leaves, so they are very friendly to the environment. One of the features of Du Mekong Homestay is fruit orchards, planting the typical fruits of Ben Tre.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The accommodation is basic but has enough facilities

Besides, the homestay also provides bike-renting services and a fishing area for visitors. The room has garden views and looks warm and cozy. Moreover, the homestay serves many local dishes reminding of the childhood of southerners. The staff is well-trained and enthusiastic. Some can speak English and French apart from Vietnamese, so they are very helpful. The accommodation is one of the tourists’ favorite choices because of its relaxing atmosphere and green environment.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
There are places for tourists to relax and sunbathe

Diamond stars Ben Tre Hotel

Address: 140 Huong Vuong Street, An Hoi District, Ben Tre City

Diamon stars are the highest-rise hotel located in Ben Tre City, the hotel offers a variety of experiences according to international standards. With satisfactory services, high-class amenities, and beautifully designed living space on the romantic riverside. Diamond Stars Hotel consists of 138 rooms fully equipped with bars, restaurants, and an infinite swimming pool. Thus, it is a good choice for families and children.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The hotel offers many options for staying with various kinds of rooms

Moreover, customers can enjoy the “Buffet Breakfast” at Adama’s restaurant inside the hotel. The restaurant will serve many local dishes inside the cozy and modern space. In addition, the hotel provides meeting rooms and events with an overview of Ben Tre city.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Eating breakfast at the restaurant of the hotel is not a bad idea for busy visitors

The meeting rooms have enough facilities to organize a professional conference for businesses. The designs are various and elegant to suit the taste of guests.  The hotel also receives a lot of feedback about its friendly and enthusiastic staff who are willing to help customers.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The conference and event rooms are large and luxurious

Ben Tre Riverenjoyesort

Address: 708 Nguyen Van Tu, 7 Ward, Ben Tre City.

Ben Tre Riverside Resort is an ideal accommodation for those who love nature and want to enjoy the fresh breeze. Ben Tre Riverside Resort is the first 4-star resort in Ben Tre and is built on the Ham Luong ferry station land. Thus, it is called the riverside resort.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Its location is ideal for those who want to relax and admire the landscapes

Coming there, tourists can enjoy the breeze blowing from the Ham Luong river. Its location is close to the city center, just 6.2 km from the airport and 2.9 km from the Ben Tre station. The resort is designed with Western architecture with white color.From afar, the accommodation looks like a castle with meticulous and modern details. It is a great idea to wander around the green campus and enjoy the fresh air from the river here.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The rooms are equipped with modern facilities and furniture

In detail, the room systems include different kinds of rooms to meet the requirements of visitors. The largest room has a total area of 55m2, with a river view, and is for a maxim of 4 guests.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Other services like a coffee shop, and restaurants are the strengths of the hotel

Besides, the rooms are equipped with essential facilities to main a great experience for guests. The restaurant serves Asian, and Western food as well as the specialties of the Southern region. Many people love the peace of the resort with its lush coconut trees and poetic river.

Coco Happy farm

Address: Hamlet 2, Luong Hoa Commune, Giong Trom, Ben Tre, Vietnam

The homestay’s location is quite far from the city center, but it will bring memorable experiences. The homestay looks like the house of local people. There are a lot of coconut trees around the place so visitors can enjoy fresh coconut juice at the homestay. Although the rooms are basic, they have enough facilities for guests at a reasonable price.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Staying there, visitors can experience local lives

The owner is a local so he knows a lot about interesting destinations near the homestay. He usually takes tourists to different places in the region and explains things to them. Many guests say that his English is very good. Moreover, the people here are friendly and hospitable. They always smile and are willing to help.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The owner is very friendly and helpful

Charming country homestay

Address: At No. 208D, Hamlet 4, Nhon Trach Commune, Ben Tre

This homestay in Ben Tre offers you first-class accommodation, luxury, and attention to the smallest detail to make your stay perfect. In addition, it provides facilities such as a terrace and garden BBQ party and free bicycles for those who enjoy light sports or explore the surrounding landscape.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Charming country homestay follows the traditional architectural style of the South

The bungalow rooms here are also spacious, built with a unique shingle roof, and each room comes with a wardrobe, mirror, towels, and air conditioning. Restaurants, bars, and bicycles are free to use, beautiful homestay in Ben Tre serves Asian breakfast and vegetarian meals daily, has a spacious garden to relax. Moreover, the host and staff are friendly and enthusiastic.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The rooms have mosquito nets so you don’t need to worry

Viet Uc Hotel

Address:144 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 3, Ben Tre City

Viet – Uc Hotel (Viet- Australia Hotel) has an area of ​​​​about 2,600m2. The 3-star hotel consists of 9 floors with 73 luxurious rooms designed in modern European style. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant trip here with the cozy space and essential facilities. From the windows of the rooms, you can admire the view of the romantic river or a bustling city.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Viet-Uc hotel has a convenient and beautiful location

Because of its convenient location, visitors can move to different destinations in Ben Tre city, such as the museum and shopping mall. Moreover, tourists can easily get around, go shopping, or buy souvenirs if they are on a business trip. At night, it’s ideal to wander along the river to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere here. Viet-Uc hotel offers various services for their guests, including restaurants, cafe shops, karaoke, massage & spa, and conference rooms.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The staff is hospitable and kind. They are willing to help visitors

Hong Thai homestay

Address: 16C, Quoi Son Hamlet, Chau Thanh district, Bến Tre, Việt Nam

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Although Hong Thai homestay is far from the city center, its service is highly appreciated

Hong Thai Homestay was established by Mr. Thai, a resident, of Ben Tre. In general, the accommodation is simple and environmental-friendly. Most of the rooms are bungalows built from wood and leave roofs. Besides, each room has a small yard for the guests to go sunbathing.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The rooms are made from wood and surrounded by lush trees

The space around the accommodation is a garden with fruit trees and flowers. Mr. Thai’s family also cooks some local dishes for tourists. Many tourists love the homestay because of the hospitality and friendliness of the family. The local homestay is suitable for tourists traveling with families to enjoy the local life and fresh air in the countryside.

Ba Danh Home

Address: 11D, Group 3, Nhon Thanh, Ben Tre, Vietnam

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The place is a peaceful shelter for those who want to escape from the chaotic life

Ba Danh homestay has a traditional southern architectural style with natural building materials. Surrounded by blocks of coconut trees, the homestay brings a sense of peace and simplicity. Although this accommodation doesn’t look luxurious, this is still a peaceful shelter for those who want to get away from the chaotic and busy life.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The price for rooms is quite reasonable

Coming here, you can experience many exciting activities such as cycling, walking, or fishing. The price of staying is quite reasonable with enthusiastic staff and good cooks. It’s not a bad choice to spend your vacation in Ba Danh’s home to relax and calm your soul.

2. Some places of interest in Ben Tre

  • Con Phung Island
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Con Phung Island is an interesting destination with lots of things to do

The destination is on a floating islet amid My Tho River (a part of the Tien River), in Tan Thach Commune of Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province. Con Phung is well-known for its natural landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. Traveling there, visitors can experience many interesting activities.

  • Cai Mon – Cho Lach flower village
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
In spring, all the flowers in Cai Mon bloom creating a wonderful view

The flower village is in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province. With the favorable geographical location, growing flowers and fruits are the main business of local people in Cho Lach. In spring, the place is full of colorful flowers, creating a picturesque view.

  • Binh Dai beach
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Walking along the beach and listening to the sounds of the waves is also a great experience

Binh Dai beach is near the An Hoa isle and is very popular with local people and tourists. The beach is still wild but it is also an ideal place to relax and enjoy the fresh air from the sea.

  • The traditional brick kiln
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Many tourists love checking-in here due to its ancient beauty

For a long time, the production of bricks plays an important part in people’s life in Ben Tre. The bricks are designed and baked in a traditional way inside the dome-shaped kiln. Many tourists love taking artistic photos in the brick kiln.

  • Coconut candy factory
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
People in Ben Tre have preserved the traditional way of making coconut candies for a long time

One of the specialties of Ben Tre is coconut candies, so there are a lot of factories making coconut candies here. Your journey to Ben Tre will not be complete if you miss the chance to see how people make coconut candies and make your own candies.

  • Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Watching birds gathering attracts many visitors and photographers

Vam Ho is a submerged region in Ba Tri, Ben Tre, containing many wild forests with a great variety of trees. Noticeably, tourists can see the birds after 5 pm when sunset comes, great flocks of storks fly over the place to turn around under a glowing sky and land within the green forest.

  • Traditional sleep mat
Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
Making their sleeping mats is one of the unique traditional crafts in Ben Tre

Tourists can choose to visit one of the three well-known Mat weaving villages: Nhon Thanh, An Hiep, and Thanh Thoi B. Coming to this village, visitors can see how people make sleeping mats step by step and try making their sleeping mats under the guidance of local people.

Where to stay in Ben Tre (2023)
The area is suitable for families and friends to play traditional games

Lan Vuong Ecotourism Area

The ecotourism area includes a lot of traditional games that can bring your carefree childhood back. While it is a good choice for tourists traveling with families and friends to play and enjoy a delicious meal together.

3. Some tips for traveling Ben Tre

  • The best time to visit Ben Tre is in the summer (from June to August) when most of the fruits in Ben Tre turn ripe and many tourism activities occur.
  • Visitors should rent a bicycle to get to different places so that they can get closer to the countryside.
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