Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam, Vietnam

Hoi An Ancient Town – General information 

Hoi An ancient town is a unique example of a traditional port in Southeast Asia. More than 1000 architectural monuments have been maintained nearly entirely, including streets, residences, assembly halls, etc. Even after years, time seemed to have forgotten this location. Hoi An continues to be a place of serenity and tranquility, where visitors can momentarily set all the chaos of everyday life aside and genuinely savor every moment.


This antique town is a popular tourist site located approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Da Nang’s city center. For visiting Hoi An, firstly you can take a plane, train, or bus to Da Nang, then take a taxi or drive a motorbike for transport. 

History of Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Hoi An ancient town is the busiest commercial port in the area

Appearing at the end of the 16th century and under the reign of the Le Dynasty in Vietnam, Hoi An was a major international commercial port for Japanese, Chinese, and Western merchant ships. However, in the 19th century, waterway trade is no longer practical here and the port town of Hoi An steadily collapsed.

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Hoi An ancient town in the early years of the 20th century

Fortunately, Hoi An was not ravaged by two wars and was spared massive urbanization at the end of the 20th century. Starting in the 1980s, the architectural and cultural assets of Hoi An ancient town were progressively recognized by experts and visitors alike. The ancient town of Hoi An gradually has been restored and developed until now. 

When is the best time to visit Hoi An Ancient Town?

The ideal time for tourists to visit and explore Hoi An ancient town is from February to April every year because of the pleasant weather. Coming to Hoi An ancient town from May through August, the heat is a bit intense. In contrast, rainy days are waiting for you if seeing this old town from September through the end of January.

Structure of Hoi An Ancient Houses

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
The architecture of Hoi An ancient town is still intact

Hoi An ancient houses have been preserved with its original architectural splendor for many generations. When visiting the old dwellings transports, tourists will have a chance to back in time to the bustling port city. Many visitors also refer to this location as a “living relic” and describe it as their all-time favorite sighting place. 

Phung Hung Ancient House

Built-in 1780, Phung Hung’s ancient house is existing about 240 years in the center of Hoi An’s historic district. The meaning of name “Phung Hung” represents a businessman who wants to see his family’s enterprise prosper.

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Phung An Ancient House

The house has a harmonious architecture between three cultures including Vietnam, Japan, and China. It was built with a system of balconies and shutters in the Chinese style. A typical architectural style in Edo of Japan is the “four-sea” roof, which is the huge roof of the middle house. The front and back compartment roofs are all prominent features of traditional Vietnamese architecture.

Duc An Ancient House

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Duc An ancient house

In 1830, this ancient house was built during King Minh Mang’s reign of the Nguyen Dynasty. The house has a 180-year history which is no less than the Phung Hung house. The meaning of the house “Duc An” could be roughly understood as “keeping morality for peace”. Moreover, at the end of the 19th century, the ancient house of Duc An was utilized as a bookstore, mainly selling Chinese books. This was also a place where many houses were Vietnam Patriotism of resistance frequented to search for books with progressive thought content.

Tan Ky Ancient House

Tan Ky is the first old house to be honored with national heritage as a “living museum” keeping almost intact architecture typical of the ancient house of Hoi An. The ancient house has a long-standing with 7 generations of the Le family living there. This most beautiful old house in Hoi An is the hottest “check-in” place in Hoi. It always attracts thousands of tourists to see the architecture and know more about the history of the impressive ancient house. 

Famous Check-in Places in Hoi An Ancient Town

These famous spots below create the historical aspects of Hoi An that tourists cannot miss when traveling to this beautiful town.

Chua Cau Temple Bridge

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Chua Cau Temple Bridge

The sole historic bridge still existing in Hoi An is the Temple Bridge (also known as Lai Kieu Vien or Japanese Bridge), which was built by the Japanese 400 years ago. It has evolved into a unique piece of art. Thanks to its peculiar construction in the form of a temple, the bridge still remains Phu Tang’s cultural treasure in Vietnam.

Assembly Hall

Fujian Assembly Hall

Locating at 46 Tran Phu street, Fujian Assembly Hall is the largest of the five assembly halls in Hoi An Ancient Town. After being purchased by merchants from Fujian, the “Fujian Assembly Hall” was established in 1972.

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Overview of Fujian Assembly Hall

Fujian in Hoi An ancient town is a sacred place that primarily serves as a spiritual and dignified site of worship. If you want to visit there, don’t forget to dress properly. In addition, you should respect gestures to avoid disturbing the sacred spiritual atmosphere there. For those who want to purchase incense and gifts to give to the saints, there is a sizable market area inside to serve all demands.

Assembly Hall of Chaozhou Hoi An

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Assembly hall of Chaozhou Hoi An

In 1845, a minority of Chinese who immigrated to Vietnam built the Chaozhou Assembly Hall. The craft of embossed patterns with distinctive designs and embossed ceramics is very well-known in this area. Every piece of this building represents the highlight of handed artists’ skill and originality in designing the Chaozhou Assembly Hall.

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is used to display and exhibit 12 unique Hoi An crafts that include fine art pottery, woodwork, art lanterns, etc.

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Pottery in Hoi An ancient town

Visiting this place, you can experience some of the work’s production procedures in the workshop. Moreover, you will have the chance to observe the artisans of 12 crafts create items with their expert hands.

Our tips for a nice trip to Hoi An Ancient Town!

Don’t forget to ride a bicycle! 

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Cycling around Hoi An ancient town

Riding a bicycle through the old town is a high recommendation if you want to explore the side streets of Hoi An ancient town with numerous appealing beauty. When traveling by bicycle, you will have more time to take a break and slowly explore the combination of old and modern atmosphere and bougainvillea vines.

Try taking a town stroll at night

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Taking a town stroll at night is a must-try!

Remember to admire the rows of historic structures and the lovely lantern street at a Hoi An ancient town night. You’ll feel as living in a misty, flower-filled era hundreds of years ago.

Attend the Lantern Festival

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
Hoi An Lantern Festival along the Hoai river

When visiting Hoi An, don’t forget to check out the riverside light festival and the town at night! You can definitely feel calm and enjoy the gorgeous view. The landscape with a colorful lantern around is charming and memorable!

Try out street coffee in the morning

Hoi An ancient town - A cultural heritage of Vietnam
A glass of Vietnamese white coffee in the morning!

Starting your day with fresh air in the morning fulfilling the tranquility and peace by sitting down with a cup of coffee. That’s an unforgettable experience for tourists! 

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