Pop rice in Mekong delta is too familiar to those in a rural area specializing in rice cultivation. At that time, whether they were rich or poor, they all ate home-made snacks. Simple but full of country flavor. Pop rice is a dish that most children at that time enjoyed. Every time hearing the “explodes” of pop rice into a village. The children of that neighborhood flock to each other to run in a row. Call your mother to ask for rice to “explode” the pop rice. Hearing the explosion, other children who were playing on the haystacks jumped down to join in the fun. The more children there are, the more exciting the atmosphere at the nuggets will be. So what is Pop rice? How’s the taste? Here, let’s learn about this rustic dish in the Mekong Delta with Mekong Smile Tour!

What is Pop rice in Mekong delta?

Pop rice in Mekong delta is a snack that dates back to ancient times in the Mekong Delta. With only rice, sugar, coconut milk and peanuts, there is a super delicious snack. Pop rice can be eaten immediately to feel the faint aroma of cooked rice. Or processed into sugar pop rice. A delicious, sweet and magical dish with rural children. Not only children but even adults love to eat this dish.

Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
What is Pop rice

Ingredients of pop rice

The main ingredients to make pop rice in Mekong delta include:

  • Rice “one dust” is the best.
  • Brown sugar
  • Coconut
  • Golden roasted sesame
  • Sliced ginger
  • Maltose
  • Extra flavor
  • Salt
  • Peanut
  • Vanilla (fragrant sugar)
  • Kitchen tools
Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
Ingredients of pop rice

Process of Pop rice making

To make delicious pop rice in Mekong delta, it must go through many stages. And the most important stage needs the ingenuity of the craftsman. 

  • The first step is to choose raw materials. The rice to make pop rice must be a single-grain rice. Then the worker will use these explosive pop rice seeds to sweeten the pop rice.
  • To sweeten a batch of pop rice. Firstly, beat granulated sugar in a pan with peanuts, ginger, malt, and coconut milk. Mix in 10-15 minutes.
  • When the mixture turns to scum, add the pop rice. At this point, you have to mix very quickly so that the pop rice grains stick together.
  • Next, pour the sweet pop rice into the mold. Rub it smooth and press the surface of the nuggets to make them stick together.
  • When the heat of the pop rice has cooled down. Quickly use a knife to cut the pop rice into bite-sized pieces.
  • Finally, put the finished pop rice into the plastic wrap.
Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
Cut the pop rice
Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
Process of this dish delicacy

The sweeten pop rice in – The most vital stage

The process of sweet pop rice in Mekong delta is also quite simple.

  • Choose a large pan, add sugar, a little thinly sliced ​​ginger. Then put it on the stove. And stir until the sugar dissolves into a beautiful cockroach-colored liquid.
  • Then pour in the pop rice. Use two large bamboo chopsticks to quickly stir the pan. Helps the pop rice grains stick to the sugar evenly. Stick together with a layer of sweet, fragrant sugar.
  • Not long after, people poured the pan of sweetened pop rice into a wooden mold. Or an indoor tray with a thickness of about 3 cm. If you like it, sprinkle it with a layer of golden roasted peanuts. Then roll the pop rice evenly.
  • Wait a few minutes, when the pop rice has hardened and cooled down. People take the bib to divide the pop rice block by horizontal and vertical cuts. So that the pop rice piece fits the hand of the person eating.

Children just wait until that stage to run out of patience. Rushing to devour every piece of pop rice. While eating, talking and laughing, everyone looked as if they were very happy. A simple but extremely durable happiness. When feeling the sweet and fragrant taste of sugar. The zest of ginger blends in with the crunchiness of pop rice. The gentle grain of rice has raised many generations of children in the homeland.

Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
The sweeten pop rice

Price of pop rice in the market

Nowadays, pop rice in Mekong delta is produced faster thanks to modern machine technology. Delivers high performance. Meet the needs of domestic and foreign consumers. The price of pop rice is also very reasonable. From rich to poor people can buy and enjoy this dish. You can also make it yourself at home. Due to busy work, most people just buy pop rice to eat because they don’t have time. The price of a pack of pop rice of 10 pieces ranges from 30,000 – 40,000 VND. If buying in bulk, the price will be reduced to about 28,000 VND per pack. Depending on the region, the price of pop rice will vary slightly.

Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
Packaging product

Where could we buy pop rice in Mekong delta?  

Pop rice in Mekong delta is no stranger to rural people in the West. Each commune and district in the province has at least 1 or 2 pop rice production facilities. You can easily go and buy pop rice directly at work. Witness the sweetened pop rice scene. Listen to people tell about the origin of Pop rice. In particular, you should change your mind because you will hear a very loud and unexpected sound. That’s the “explosion” of pop rice. Smell the sweet aroma of roasted sesame and the rich aroma of coconut milk. If you want to eat right away, you can eat on the spot. Eat and talk. If your home is far away, you can call to order. The owner of the establishment will ask the shipper to deliver pop rice to you. You will pay extra shipping, depending on the distance. If you are in the city, you can come to buy, or order by phone. You can even order via Shopee or Tiki apps.

Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
Where could we buy pop rice

Notices about Pop rice

Here are some notes when eating pop rice in Mekong delta:

  • Pop rice has a sweet taste. So whoever doesn’t like sweets won’t like to eat.
  • Don’t eat too much. You will easily get hot inside.
  • Pop rice has a rather fatty taste. If you are on a diet, you should avoid this dish.
  • This is a sweet dish. Not suitable for people with diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. It will make the disease worse.
  • Those who are allergic to sesame or peanuts should not eat it.
Pop rice in Mekong delta - Enjoy the natural tastes
Notices about Pop rice

Above is the information that we share with you about pop rice in Mekong delta. Hope this article will bring you useful information. Buy Pop rice to bring back childhood memories. And for tourists, you should also buy and enjoy. In order to know more about a rustic dish of the West in Vietnam.

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